Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Like the glistening snow,

Everyone’s hearts are aglow.

This means Christmas,

Everyone’s jolly.

Lots of noises,

Ripping of presents,

Laughing of kids,

And the crackling of fire,

Which makes your cold house warm.

Christmas Day comes,

All the kids cheer,

You go outside and see animal prints,

They must be from deer!

After that, you have a snowball fight with your family,

Your little brother wins.

After that you go inside,

And have hot chocolate.

You watch movies all day,

And hear the fire crackling,

Continuously, keeping you warm.

The day passes,

Time to go to sleep.

After that,

It comes to an end,

Time for Spring to begin.

Drip drop drip drop,
Talks the rain.

Flowers are blooming,
Growing. Sprouting.

All of them,

So gorgeous,

So beautiful.

I pick some,

And take them inside.

Everyday is full of rain.

Pitter patter, pitter patter,

Then finally,

It stops.

The weather gets hot,

Now I begin to spot,

That Summer is about to begin.

Hot sun, cold pools.

Vacations to unknown places.

Days are hot,

Nights are not.

You go to the pool,

To escape the hot weather.

Time with friends at night now,

Because school is out.

Everyone’s happy, grass is green.

Games, hearing the crack of a bat at a game,

Another win for our team.

Sleeping in the next day,

Bonfires at night.

Slowly, it gets colder,

Leaves begin to fall.

Smell the fall air.

See the leaves fall,

Hear everyone raking leaves,

See kids jumping in piles,

You join them.

Thanksgiving comes,

Big meals, family time.

Good scented candles,

Fill your house.

After Thanksgiving,

We go Black Friday shopping.

People shuffling,

Stores are buzzing,

You can’t wait for Christmas now.

You love warm weather again,

Sadly it comes to an end.

You can’t wait for next year.

You put everything away,

Get ready for Christmas.

Suddenly you see,

The first snowfall.


Light, soft steps,

I take as I gently glide across the stage.

At the end,

Everyone applauds, and I bow.

As I walk off,

I receive flowers,

“Good jobs” ,

And more applauding.

I get to my dressing room,

And get ready for awards.

I walk out on stage,

Waiting for my name to be called,

Patiently waiting.

I finally hear it,

I get more applauding,

More flowers.

After it’s over,

I go home,

And add these to my collection.

I add on another year,

A successful year.

I can’t wait for it to start again.

More light, soft steps.

Gliding gently across the stage,

And finally,

More applauding.

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  1. You can right really great poems. I like how you added some rhyming in the poems. I thought the one about the seasons was really interesting. I also liked the one about dance because I'm in dance.