Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Sweezy Road Trip

This is a story about a boy named Kevin Sweezy and the rest of his family. The Sweezy’s are rich and live in a mansion on the outskirts of New York City, New York. One day Kevin walked up to his parents while they were golfing in their personal 18 hole golf course in their backyard, and told them, “ I think we should go on a Sweezy family road trip”.
Both said “Sure.”
Kevin ran back to his house and packed his favorite pair of clothes, his favorite pair of shoes, and all of his technology. He also brought five different wallets, with 1000 dollars in each wallet. Kevin was ready for the road trip. He had a different bag for every week they would be gone, and the Sweezy's would be gone for four weeks.
Once his parents were done packing the next day, they left in their Lamborghini. Their first stop was at The Hilton in Myrtle Beach, on their way to Daytona Beach, Florida, to watch the Daytona 500. They went swimming in the ocean. They also planned a two hour cruise and swam with the dolphins. After the Sweezy’s rested, they got back on the road again. They arrived at their hotel in Daytona exactly five hours from when they left.
They unloaded their things, and Kevin's parents each had a nap, but Kevin took their hotel key card and his phone and started walking to the nearest super mall. He walked three blocks from his hotel, and there it was. The Daytona Plaza. First he went to the Nike outlet store and bought a t-shirt. Finally, after at least an hour of shopping he headed back towards the hotel.
Once Kevin got to the hotel his parents were still napping, so he put his swimming trunks on to go swimming in the massive pool. He took the card and his phone. The Sweezy's booked a room on the very top floor so they could get the view, and the elevator was under maintenance, so he had to take the stairs. After a good 15 minutes of walking down the flights of stairs, he finally arrived at the pool area.
The pool was 12 feet deep and had a diving board; he spent an hour swimming and diving off the diving board. Eventually he went back to the room. He climbed the stairs and got to his room. He opened the door, and his parents were awake and watching t.v. His parents started talking to him about how they wanted him to be more mature and not sneak out without telling them where he was going. Being an only child was very easy because Kevin always got what he wanted; his parents were on the Forbes richest people list.
After the talk was done the Sweezy’s left the hotel to go to the Daytona 500. Once they got back to their hotel they got a good night's rest so they could get up early and start heading to the Mall of America.
They made a few stops on they way to the Mall of America. They stopped to take pictures with a ton of celebrities. They finally arrived in Minnesota and booked a hotel near the mall. They unpacked their stuff and started walking towards the big mall. When they got there they gave a homeless man 20 dollars, they made their way around the store. They walked out of the mall with a Lamborghini full of shopping items. They went to the nearest post office and sent all of the stuff they bought back to their house in New York.
They went back to their hotel and slept. Because they were on their way to California in the morning. Once they woke up in the morning they got in their car and drove far enough until they had a flat tire, they were rolling down a huge hill, but there was a huge turn, at the same time as there tire popped, they ran out of gas. They quickly figured out that an ISIS terrorist group shot their tire with a sniper, and cut their fuel line. Kevin’s dad stores guns under every seat in the lambo, so they each grabbed a gun and started firing. The ISIS brought two heavily armored tanks, two jets with missiles on them, and two armored trucks with machine guns on them. Kevin’s dad turned on the armor mode in the lambo, and they were unstoppable.
Kevin turned on the automatic machine guns that went through the tail lights. They only have a mile left to stop the ISIS group and stop their car from falling into the Grand Canyon. Kevin shot down mostly everyone in the ISIS group, because his dad was driving the lambo, there was only on tank left and only one missile left in the missile launcher. He got the missile launcher and fired it; during the explosion, Kevin saw Kent Murphy in the flames saying,  “ He gone”.
Now the Sweezy family has to try to deploy their parachutes before they landed in the canyon and they're lambo exploded. They have 20 seconds to get their parachutes on and to deploy them. Kevin and his dad took 5 seconds to get Kevin’s mom’s parachute on, same with Kevin and his dad. They had five seconds before the million dollar car devastatingly crashed into the guardrail, they all deployed their parachutes and were safe, but yet took out a huge chunk of the ISIS terrorist group.
Kevin and his family wandered miles apart during the parachute fall, Kevin set his destination on his parachute to California. But what Kevin did not know was that his parents set their destinations to there house in New York. Once Kevin landed in California, he walked around. When he was walking around, he asked this girl she was the same age as him. This girl had brown hair that went to the top of her shoulders, hazel eyes, just stunning. Kevin was drooling, literally. He asked her stuttering if he could borrow her phone, he called his parents on it, and then gave it back. He asked for her digits, and then arranged a flight back home.When Kevin got home he called that beautiful woman up and she lived in California. Her parents said that she could move to New York during the summer and stay at their vacation house there.

Kevin felt that he did the Kent Murphy and all he did on the Sweezy road trip was, “Hit, Dingers”.


  1. This PPOW was really funny, but at the beginning of the story you just told the reader what the story was about. You need to let the information flow with the story.

  2. That's where I think Brady was wrong. I thought the story was really good and funny and can't wait for part two.

  3. I think this ppow is very funny. It is also really written well. Good job Clayton