Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Superman vs Batman

Just an ordinary day for Clark Kent. The normal working late, like always. He had a date that night with Lois Lane, and he was going to ask her to marry him. He had bought a diamond ring, and then he got a call from Lois.
“Sorry, Clark,” she said. “I can’t make it tonight. My old friend Bruce Wayne came over, and I am having dinner with him.” She paused. “I want the two of you to meet tomorrow over lunch. I will see you then.”
She hung up before he could reply. His first thought was, “It’s ok; he is just a friend, and she is still with me.” Then the idea of her canceling her date with him for Bruce made him feel disappointed.
An hour later he got an idea, so he called her mother and said, “Hello, Mrs. Lane. This is Clark. Lois said that her old friend Bruce Wayne is in town and they are having dinner. I was wondering how they met? As you know, tonight I was going to ask her to marry me; but she canceled and to be quite honest, I am pretty upset about it.”
He waited for an answer; then she spoke, “Clark, I don’t know what to tell you. They were dating in high school and all though college. They broke up because he had fallen in love with a girl named Rachel Dawes. She died in a tragic accident.”
He was shocked that he didn’t know what to say. He told her thanks for the help then he went and looked up Bruce Wayne. When the results came up, he was amazed. He was rich and had a good job. He then thought he understood why she canceled with Clark for Bruce. She was still in love with Bruce. He was heartbroken. He jumped into his suit and started to fly. He was at her house in under a minute.
After 20 minutes of watching them, he decided to get some flowers and knock on her front door. He was upset when Bruce answered the door. Bruce just looked at Clark like he was an idiot. Lois came to the door with a cup of coffee in her hand and dropped it. She lost all control and hugged him. He dropped the flowers in his hand.
She said, “Oh Superman, I’ve missed you. Where did you go after Clark and I started dating?”
“Well, Lois I have been busy in other states and I thought I would leave you to Clark.” He then turned to Bruce and said, “Hello, my name is Superman. And what’s your name? Are you her new boyfriend?”
Lois just stared at the two of them, then Bruce spoke, “My name is Bruce Wayne; and I am not her boyfriend. I’m just an old friend from the past. I am meeting Clark tomorrow over lunch. I can’t wait to meet the man who swept Lois of her feet.”
­­­­­­Lois blushed then looked away. “Why are you here?” The question threw him off guard.
 “Well I got a phone call from Clark.”
She just stared at him, “About?”
He just looked at her with a straight looking face, “It’s a secret.”
Bruce just looked at them. Lois looked like she was going to punch him in the face if he didn’t say what she wanted him to say. Lois spoke first; “Now you listen here, what did Clark want?”
Superman said, “Clark asked me how to ask you to marry him and he was probably upset because he was going to do it tonight.”
She couldn’t believe it. Bruce just stared at him, “Wait a minute how do you know that he’s not lying to you and is just saying that to make you feel bad?”
“Superman never lies”
 She said it so quietly that he barely heard her. “Listen Lois I have to go now because I have things to do. It was nice meeting you Bruce.” With that he flew off leaving Lois and Bruce alone again.
The next day Clark went to The Daily Planet­­­­­­­, he acted like last night had never happen even though it was the only thing on his mind. The look is what he remembered.
It was that scared look she got when she was shocked or surprised. The look was the main thing that he remembered from last night.
 At lunch he had went to the park like Lois had told him. To his surprise she was not there. Clark started walking around when Bruce stopped him. He stared as Bruce spoke, “Hello young man I am looking for a couple by the names of Clark Kent and Lois Lane.”
“I’m Clark Kent,” he replied.
“Clark! It is nice to finally meet you. Where is Lois?”
Two hours later Lois finally arrived. Clark and Bruce were getting ready to leave. She saw how sad Clark was when he was walking to his car. He wanted to talk to her but he didn’t know what to say to her even though they had been dating for 3 years. She saw him leaving and she ran after him. “Clark! Where are you going? I just got here I was looking for you.”
“Well I’m sorry Lois I just walked around looking for you and I didn’t see you so I thought I would leave. Oh here, I had bought this for you.”
He handed her a tiny box with a ribbon around it. “See you at work tomorrow Lois good-bye.”
One month later Clark and Lois still had not spoken. Clark had become enemies with Bruce and since Bruce had moved into town so had Batman. Clark knew right away that Bruce was Batman. Bruce knew that Clark was Superman. They got into fights at crime scenes. For example a car and a motorcycle crashed, Superman got there first so Batman would try to punch Superman to steal all the glory of being the superhero who was there to save the day.
After a couple months Batman walked up to Clark at work and said, “Hey I need to talk to you about something.” Everyone at work stared because they had seen a superhero in the office.
“Fine,” said Clark.
When they got into the elevator alone Batman said, “Lets end this, you go get in your suit and lets fight it out now. Meet me at the baseball game in your Superman suit and we will give the audience something to remember.”
So he got in his suit, they started fighting in the middle of the game. The crowd stared at them. Superman used his laser eyes and Batman used his gun that shot kryptonite. After fighting for 3 hours they started to weaken. All of a sudden, out of nowhere Hulk came in shouting, “HULK SMASH!” Hulk smashed both their faces in.       After two days of no Batman or Superman everyone went crazy. Lois cried all day and all night and she wouldn’t go to work. Clark died because his heart gave up. Bruce died of brain damage because he was hit in the head with a baseball bat 9 times.
After 2 years everyone was back to normal except for Lois. She missed Clark most of all and ever since Clark died she wore that ring he gave her and she never took it off. It was a medium size diamond with emeralds surrounding it. She always loved the color.
She had a little girl about 6 months after Clark died and she knew Harper was his. Harper was very strong for her age just like her father. Lois had found out the secret Clark guarded the most. Clark was Superman. She was so sad that she had found out and that he wasn’t there to see her reaction.

Two weeks later, a hooded man went to Clark’s mothers’ house. He talked to her about things only Clark would have known. She was so shocked to hear this stranger talk about such things she could help but wonder, “Who is this man, could he be my son, back from the dead?”  To be continued…

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