Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Austin Powers

“Take the shot Austin,” Butale ordered.
“I might hit Foxy man” Austin argued. The pressure overwhelmed him, so he took the shot 3….2…..1 CRACKLE ! He finally focused  where he took the shot, and he realized that he hit Foxy Cleopatra.
Burtaaaaaallllleeee!!!! Austin screamed while looking in the sky.
While Dr. Evil tiptoed out of the scene. Three years have gone by now still looking for Dr. Evil a.k.a Austin's brother. Austin was on a stake out in a dark van waiting for Dr. Evil. Just when Austin was about to turned on the van, he saw the familiar bald head and gray suit. He prepared his gun, then hopped out of the car tackling Dr. Evil.
“You finally got me, said Mr. Powers, but what are you going to do? What do you want me for!”  said Mr. Powers.
“Dad is having a wedding man.”  
“Are you fricking kidding,” Dr. Evil shouted.
“What?” Austin questioned.
“You chased me all the way to England just to tell me that!”
“Well yeah so.”
“A simple text message wound of worked. It’s been 3 years, throw me a frickin bone.” “Here”!
“Well, let's not sit here and fight about that all day where in England. Let's do stuff that you can't do in America baby!” Austin said joyfully.
“Yes like go see the Statue of Liberty” Dr. Evil said.
“Uh, that's in America, man.” Austin argued.
“Right” said D.r Evil. Later in the day they realized they were very bored, so they headed off to America.
“Ah, here at last, I can already smell the cheeseburgers and gunpowder.”
“Well, we should probably catch a cab! Dad's wedding starts in ten minutes!”
Five minutes later Austin Powers and Dr. Evil’s dad calls them with bad news.
“Austin, someone stole my bride. It was a man in a dark vest. He killed all most everybody except for Papaya and myself. He's driving a black jaguar!”
“I see him now, I'm on it Daddy,” says Austin.
     Dr. Evil grabbed the Tommy guns out of the back seats. “Let's get funky,” he says as he racks  the action back on the Tommy gun.
“Turn this piece of junk around,’declared Austin. Dr. Evil started shoot at the car. Which is decently far in front of them. He hits the back window and the tail lights. Austin takes the Tommy gun right out of Dr. Evils hands.
“You might hit the bride!” Austin shouted.
“Right,” Dr. Evil agreed.
The black car pulled into a abandoned shop that looks about three stories high. The man came out of the car pulling the bride by her arm.
“Stop!” Austin yelled, but he didn't listen. “Grab the Tommy gun, “ were going in.” Austin started shooting at the man, and he fired back. They chased each other up the stairs, until they both reached the final floor. “Don't move man, unless you want to become a dead man.”
  The man held the bride in a headlock threatening to shoot her.
“Let me tell you why I'm stealing her! It all began when I was a boy.”
“BANG! Austin shot him in the middle of the sentence.
“Jeez you could have like signaled me before you shot, or maybe a whistle or something that freaking hurt, ouch!” said the stolen bride.
“Let's get you back to my dad and tie the knot shall we?” said Austin.
    “Do you Mr. Powers take the lovely wedded wife to marry you?” says the priest.
“I do,” says Austin's Dad.
The priest gave Mr. Powers the ring and said you may kiss the bride. Austin's kisses Mrs. Kensington. Dr. Evil hugs his son Scotty while they are in a church laughing and having a good time. Mini-Me is up in a sniping tower looking at them through a cross-hair.

  “I shall have my revenge Dr. Evil for how you abandoned me and left me with that idiot Austin Powers. You’ll see. You'll all see, moha, moha, moha, ha, ha. Then the cops busted in threw the door and put a bullet through his head.


  1. The story was entertaining enough, and in fact, pretty funny and accurate to what would happen in an Austin Power adventure. However, with all of the grammar mistakes in this PPOW, it is a very hard story to follow. I would suggest more thorough editing before posting another story. Other than that, great story and great writing!

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