Wednesday, December 2, 2015


34...35...36...37...38...39...40, just 40 3’s in a row and no problem and also just a couple of

hours before the NCAA final four game. Kentucky and Duke are playing against each other

tomorrow and we're about to play Notre Dame, i’m still thinking on how I even got here to all of this

being on watch for the NBA and being one of the best college players of all time, but still no title.

             At the age of  9,  my dad put me in a basketball game that I had just wanted to watch,  

they had a teammate get injured and nobody else was on the team of his position,  Point  guard.  I

was a lot shorter than the rest of the players,  I was very un-athletic and very intimidated by the

other team.
            After a while from getting ready,  I had gotten my name called by my dad and I had

 gotten nervous, because he was known as the best coach in the eastern part of  

Chicago, due to his several years in the NBA, and I wanted to impress him.

 “ Alright Jeremy, get in there.”  As he said my name.

We were down by 35, we weren't gonna win and we all knew it, so I felt like having fun with it.

It was in the 3rd quarter with 7 minutes to go, and also with me not knowing anything but

football, so when the ball was inbounded I grabbed it and ran to the other end without dribbling,

and I stiff armed the guy in front of me; so it turns out that you can't do that. I also didn't know

what three pointers were, so when my dad told me to shoot a three, I thought he meant shoot

with three fingers. I did, and I got subbed.

At the end of the quarter, we actually were winning by 35. I didn't know how to read the game

scoreboard. The 4th quarter was starting, but since I was benched, I was gonna go gets some
popcorn and some drinks because I  thought I wasn't gonna play anymore. Time passes,

some big fat lady is done getting all of her food, and after her scooter almost runs over my

foot. I somehow got through the crowd of people and there was cheering, it's not a very exciting

game to be cheering, but it turns out we were tied 70 - 70 and 3 seconds to go on our possession.

I get back and coach was telling me to sub in for number 46, so I went in and after i got the ball, i

dribbled as the clock went down, I shot the ball just before the 3 point line and I

made it for the buzzer beater. After that, I had played nothing but basketball, I played in AAU

tournaments and made it varsity in every grade I made the nba teams like the Chicago Bulls and

The Lakers, along with The Celtics. And I also got attention from Oregon, Michigan and Duke,

shortly after that, i decided to pick Michigan.

It is my final semester until spring break and I want to have all A’s and I won't go to the NBA if

I don't get a high GPA, it's just that simple. I could be an NBA legend and get paid millions of

dollars, but not yet, just as long as i'm getting A’s and I haven't ever gotten an A on anything yet , so


But here we are, at the NCAA tournament and tipoff is in a couple of seconds, Notre dame has

no chance against us because we are an undefeated team. Just about another couple seconds and

we are gonna start the game, my dad in the stands next to the court is cheering my name and so is

my brother, The announcer is telling everybody to take their seats and stand for the national

anthem as the whole arena lights dim and fade until there is only light from the sponsors and the

circle of light from the spotlight illuminating the singer. My only question is how did I come

from a 5’5” freshman to a 6’3” future NBA hall of famer. The atmosphere of the arena, from the

loud people quieting for one song and standing as stiff as if they were soldiers, it makes me

pumped. Just about getting ready, I can hear the announcers for T.V. on the sidelines, I can

also hear them saying my name. Here we go, I thought as the stadium lights get brighter and

brighter to the point i'm sure everyone is blind. The ref has the ball and is walking towards the

middle of the college ruled court. Everyone is yelling our school's mascot and there is paintings

on their faces. The ref finally gets here and holds the ball, he throws it and our center is tall

enough to get the tip, it's our possession. I go up to the three point line and just shoot a no brainer

because the pick and roll i had set up right before had him caught up. Now we are in the lead by 3.
At around halftime, we are keeping up the pace, the score is 50 to 13 and we are winning.

the coach says we are taking too many 3 pointers and we need to drive to the basket. I can dunk

like Jordan, but coach doesn't let anyone dunk, it always has to be layups. We get back out there

and 5 minutes in the second half, the pick and roll that our center had set up had caught three

people at a time, I had the ball and it was clear to the basket, so I ran up as fast as I could and I

went for a dunk, I hit my head on the rim and got a concussion from hitting the ground face

first. I miss the whole rest of the season and we won the whole championship undefeated, and

i’m the number one pick in the NBA draft selected by the Chicago Bulls for 5 million dollars.

Although i’m the first person in my family to go pro after my dad, I am also the first

person in my family to win the MVP in the NBA, Along with Defensive Player of the Year

award, and multiple titles. I am happy that I did it while having good grades, which was hard for

me, because I was stupid at most of the time.


  1. This was a funny PPOW to read but I enjoyed it.

  2. I think that the PPOW was interesting. I also thought that he made a good representation on what basketball was if no one had understood what it was

  3. I like this P.P.O.W it was really interesting. On my screen tho it wasn't indented and had big gaps, I don't know if that was because of the website or your P.P.O.W. Over all i like the story.

  4. I love it Michael is right it is funny but I liked it

  5. This PPOW had some points where I was a little confused, but it was really funny I loved when you hit your head on the rim that was great.