Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February PPOW

WIBBl Championship
We used to play in this baseball league called WIBBl. We started playing in this league sixth grade year. We did alright we finished in the middle of the league. Next year was a different story.
We kept on getting better and nobody expected us to towards the top of the league. At the beginning of the year we played glenwood and we got stomped. We kept on practicing and working on things that needed to be worked on. Baseball is probably our best sport that we all play together.
Us Walnut kids weren’t too familiar with the Avoca kids at this time because all we did was play baseball with them in the summer. That summer going into my seventh grade year didn’t really know what to expect. I didn’t really know much people at the time but that would change.
I started get to know the Avoca kids everything started to click. After the Glenwood loss we went undefeated and won every game from then on. We became a team and started to play like it. All we cared about in the summer was baseball. That was our main focus. It just seemed like we would hang around the good teams long enough go on a run in an inning and keep winning ball games.
Offensively we weren’t the greatest but defense was the reason we won some our games. We worked on defense the most out of all the drills and like fielding.  It really helped us in the close games because you have to get shutouts in innings.
We had a pretty good bunch of kids that year at third base was Lucas and Ethan. At shortstop was Clayton and I. At second was Joel and at first was Caleb and Brady. Our out fielders that year were Cristian, Marshall, Michael, Gavyn, Jackson, and Jarret.
Before we knew it was Tournament time and we played Panama first and were the two seed and they were one of lower teams in standings. Then we played Mo valley. Then we play Logan in semifinals and won 11-1 and in the regular season won by like one. Then it came championship against Glenwood. They killed us in regular season. Then we heard our number get called out before the game and looked at eachother and it was time to go.
There lefty pitcher was pitching to start and we got a couple runs off of him. I was starting on the mound that game and I could only pitch like three innings. We kept on tacking on a couple more runs each inning. We played some real fine defense and the last inning clayton was pitching and we were up 12-7 and the bases were loaded a ground ball got hit to me with two outs and I threw it to first and ….
We won the championship..
I and my teammates were kinda in disbelief. We beat Glenwood the powerhouse of the league and we won the Championship. I swear people would think were lying if we told someone we won because we weren’t expected to win. Time went by and we carried on with our lives it was definitely a great memory to look back on.
Well life went on and sports went on. The next summer started a new baseball season. Teams got better and division was a little bit tougher and everybody was out to get us. Everybody just wanted to stomp us. The problem was is we dug ourselves out of a lot of holes. We played Red Oak first round of tournament and well they can hit the ball but not very good on the defense side. We found ourselves 13-0 in the third inning. I wasn’t supposed to pitch that game and I wound up having to pitch and we kept on tackin on runs and in the 5th inning we were down like 13-4 and we came back that inning and won 17-13. We play seven innings total.
Then we played Logan in the semi’s. We beat them in the regular season by one. There really good at baseball. They were out to get us in the tourney. We played not our best game against them and they won.
That was the end of little league season. Next year we play high school baseball. Going into high school career is gonna be real fun. I can’t wait. It’s gonna be a great time. Baseball is a pretty fun sport.
I really like baseball and I like basketball, football, track. I can’t wait for high school sports. But I can wait for high school class. The class of 2020.
I’m am gonna write a poem.
I really like baseball.
It’s graceful.
It’s very peaceful.
Been playing for awhile.
It’s kinda my life style.
Time to snatch state championship.

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