Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Random Poetry

Basketball is life.
To some it’s like a knife.
I could play all night.
You gotta take flight.
If you think you splash,
Well, then you gonna crash.
You will miss;
You will get dissed,
But don’t get mad,
Unless you’re bad.
If you see me ball,
Then you’r gonna fall.
Your Ankles will be gone.
Just like Chris Paul.
They call me a beast.
I like to feast.
Usually I win,
Like the flick of a pin.
Ill put you on a poster,
Burn you like a toaster,
Thats for all you boasters.
I have a magic touch,
I usually clutch,
Splash the shot.
I tie the game like a knot.
Give me the ball,
and i’ll make you look small.

In football you ain’t that tall.
If anything we make you look small.
When we got the ball.
It’s gonna be a touchdown.
Were gonna make you fall down.
Defense gonna put the hammer down.
You aren’t going anywhere.
You gonna have to throw it in the air.
Just for the interception.
Make it look like a deception.
We make it look easy.
You’re a little uneasy.
We win the game quite fast.
Make the bowl game.
I’m making the hall of fame.
Just like a video game.
Everyone likes food.
Beavers like wood.
Food can make you fat.
If you eat it too fast.
If you eat healthy.
You could be wealthy.
and if you're wealthy.
Life will be happy.
Just don't eat crappy.
Or else your not happy.
You won’t be flat.
If anything you’ll be fat.
School is no fun.
But it makes you not a bum.
You can become rich.
But don’t crash in a ditch.
When your done with school.
You won’t be a fool.
You can go to college.
And get some more knowledge.
And once you do that.
You’ll be wearing a top hat.
You can get a job.
And not be a slob.
When you start to work.
You will become stressed.
But you’re also blessed.

Sitting there with your vest.

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