Tuesday, February 23, 2016

January PPOW

Ballin so hard;
You don’t wanna guard.
Michael so slick;
Looka the flick of the wrist.
He hasn’t missed,
He so good;
He’s from the hood.
Joey C. out.

Brady Canada
He thinks he is smart;
He works at Walmart.
He’s not what you call on the star chart.
He might think he is,
but we all know he is phony,
but were still friends.
Not trying to hurt his feelings.
I just state facts.
Joey C. out.

Steph Curry
He is a baller;
Has a daughter.
Shoots trey bombs.
Plays in the NBA;
For the warriors.
On the court;
He’s a soldier.
Joey C. out.

Duke Basketball
Duke is amazing.
UNC always complaining.
People always hatin.
But Duke always chasing .
All the way to the top;
The threes are about to drop.
They won’t stop.
Joey C. out.
Lucas Young
We call him Luch.
He’s a goof,
But we all know
He shoots them three’s though.
He’s kinda a pro.
He’s my bro.
People like woah.
Joey C. out.
It’s my favorite sport.
Puttin in work on the court.
The sports goat.
Get a pencil and some paper;
Cuz you need to take notes.
Joey C. out.
He is one of my dogs.
He eats like a hog.
He thinks he’s human,
But it’s alright he’s an old dog.
He’s came along way.
He’s getting grey hairs.
He just sleeps all day.
Joey C. out.
She is also one of my dogs.
She is way too fat--
ole lucy dog.
Kinda overweight,
about 10 pounds over,
She acts like she runs the place--
Sleeps on the couch all day;
But we all know that’s
why she is overweight.
Joey C. out.

I can not stand chickens.
All they do is poop
Where I play basketball.
it really ticks me off.
there about as bad as beef stroganoff;
They smell,
they yelp,
and gets really annoying,
but they lay eggs,
That’s why we have them.
Joey C. out.
Lebron James
I like to call him Baby Bron Bron,
Because he cries about every call.
He thinks he can ball.
He was good.
But his prime is over.
He can keep making shoes though.
He was good.
He was from the hood.
Straight outta highschool.
People thought he was fool.
But we all knew he was cool.
Joey C. out

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  1. Funny poetry! Next time, if you're to rhyme, make sure you stay on the same rhyming pattern.