Monday, February 22, 2016

State Wrestling

Today was the day of districts. I have wrestled my entire life pretty much. I started in kindergarden and never stopped. I did pretty good through my early years of wrestling other then after every match I lost I cried. I started even meeting friends through wrestling which one of them are my best friend, Joel Sampson. I met Joel in fourth grade at a meet in Walnut. I beat him and made him cry, but like I said we’re friends now so it’s all good.
Joel and I started to grow closer to each other and noticed we loved wrestling. I wrestled him from time to time, but I finally got fatter and I grew out of his weight class. Joel made it to state in fifth grade and didn’t end up placing, but he still made it to state which was awesome.
My first districts I had a nineteen man bracket. I didn’t end up placing in the top four. Infact I’m pretty sure I placed eleventh. My next year I decided I wasn’t ready for districts again, so I didn’t end up going.
The next year my Junior. High career started, I did pretty well and decided to go ahead and try to make it to state. I needed to lose four pounds though. I lost the four pounds through puking and not feeling too well. I made the weight class though. I faced my first kid, I ended up beating him which put me in a good place. I went out and beat my next kid again, putting me even in a better situation. The next match came up and I got beat pretty bad. This dropped me down to the loser bracket. I was in a very bad situation. I ended up losing to my next guy and didn’t make it to state. I did pretty good in Jounior High though. My record wasn’t bad, and I got better then the year before.
Next year I grew ten pounds, putting me in the one hundred thirty-pound bracket. I knew I had to start getting better at wrestling to win matches. So I went harder in practices and never gave up in drills. The high school practices made me better and smarter in live wrestling.
I started this Jr High season pretty bad, in Atlantic I lost my first two but came back and won my last one. I won two of my next ones at the next meet. Then at the Mo Valley meet I did very well and beat a kid that always beats me, then I beat a random kid. My home meet I did very well, and I won three of my matches. All of those matches were pins in the first period.
I finally started thinking about districts. I needed to lose eight pounds. I started late when I only had like four days, this was very stupid of me. I had to work really hard this next practice to make it. That practice the coach drove us really hard because a lot of us needed to lose weight. At the end of practice I didn’t make it but I was only two pounds of the weight class above one hundred thirty. So I thought I’ll just wrestle one hundred thirty-five.
I couldn’t eat that weekend and had to run and work out. I went to districts the next morning when I showed up I was a tenth over. I quickly went to the bathroom and came back to weigh again. I made my weight, this meant I could finally go get some breakfast.
The first match at districts I got demolished by the guy. I didn’t do very good at all. I put myself down after that match and believed I’d never make it, but the next match I pinned my guy very quickly. He shot straight away at my legs I sprawed and put a cradle in to pin him right away. The next match I needed to win too, I beat him pretty quickly too. He got a shot on me which then I neck whipped him to put him into a pin. All I needed to do now is win this next match to make it third, and get sent to state.  
I went out and did pretty well but I lost which now I thought I had to wrestle for fourth place, but on the mat next to me the kid from Harlan I beat second round won. I quickly went to the awards once they called us. I ended making it to state because I already beat that Harlan kid. I finally made it to state which I’ve worked for the last four years. I got fourth place and the kid I faced first took first place.
A couple of my friends also made it to state. Joel ended up making it, he had a five man bracket, and ended up getting second place after the kid pretty much broke his nose. Gayvn had it easy the first two rounds, then lost his last making second too. Marshall was doing good until he lost but he still got third. Brady had the easiest bracket with only one other kid in it. All Brady had to do is beat the same kid twice then he had his free walk to state.
We all worked hard and we all made it, we also made our goal in Jr. High wrestling which was to send three people to state. Now all we have to do is go out and place for state. I should have a thirty-two man bracket, which is a lot but I could still place. The only problem is because I placed fourth in districts it’s going to be harder to win a few matches cause I’ll be facing first and second placers right off the bat.
I hope I do good in state and maybe even place. I also want to win in the rest of my junior high from 

here on out. For high school I don’t know what I’m going to wrestle at but I can’t wait to see how 

good I am. I hope our team could set some all time records. I also have a huge goal of making it to 

state in high school and even placing. Maybe for college I can wrestle a little bit. I don’t plan on that 



  1. Great PPOW! Love the wrestling theme because it's original and haven't seen any of it this year in PPOW's.