Monday, February 22, 2016

Poetry PPOW

Windows are an escape
From everything that keeps you
Away from the free world
That many long to explore and see.
They can watch through these windows
As the innocent dance and twirl
Throughout the fields and roads,
Singing as they go.
The ones who are blocked by the windows
Will always long to be with the innocent,
But they will never again roam with them.
Windows are an escape
For those trapped behind a concrete wall
And those who long for something more.
The trapped can’t escape.
The trapped are not innocent.
The trapped only have one true friend.
Windows are their escape
From the artificial world
That locks them away.

The Sea
The sea knows many things.
The sea knows secrets that cannot be told.
The sea wants to tell them,
But it knows that it must wait.
The sea is ready to tell them.
The sea’s mouth is open,
And it is waiting to tell the secrets,
But it knows what these secrets will do.
Some secrets are dangerous,
But others are not.
The sea has told secrets before,
But it does not tell many.
Some secrets have been passed on,
Yet others remain a mystery.
The mysterious ones are hidden far away.
They have been told,
But very few have truly heard of them.
The mysterious secrets are hidden away
Deep within the sea’s heart.
These secrets will be told someday,
But the sea knows
That they do not matter now,
Yet the secrets are still important.
They must be told,
But the sea knows
That the surface is not ready.

He knows
That the mountain will grow,
But he won’t climb it yet.
He knows
That the taller it becomes
The less hope there is.
He knows
That as long as he lets the mountain win
There is no hope for him.
He knows
That the mountain is treacherous,
And that his fears live on it.
He knows
That the mountain may destroy him,
But it may save him.
He knows
That the mountain will hurt him,
But he chooses to climb it.
He knows
That the mountain wants to hurt him,
But he won’t let it.
He knows
That he is better than the mountain,
And it cannot really hurt him.
He knows
That the mountain is his enemy,
And his enemies are the mountain.
He knows
That the mountain is fake,
And it can’t scare him.
He knows
That the mountain isn’t even there,
And it never will be.
He knows
The mountain is gone,

And so are his fears.

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  1. You are very good at writing poetry. You are very skilled at writing. Keep up the good work Nicholas.