Friday, April 15, 2016


Fat cat
There once was a cat
who was very fat.
He rolled in the grass
when people passed.
The fat cat was very lazy
and sometimes quite hazy.

Alyssa can be annoying
but is never boring.
Although she complains
she retains pride.
She is quite caring
but not good at sharing.
Sometimes she is loud
but can be very proud.
She is never grumpy
but sometimes jumpy.

Monkeys are hairy
and to smelly to marry.
They swing from tree to tree
scratching their heads
as they find their beds.

School is alright
when you do your homework right.
If you argue with the teacher
You’ll see your future.
Lunch is my favorite thing at school
it’s pretty cool.
You have to read
to succeed.

Khaisyn likes to slobber
and hides from robbers.
He screams and laughs
and takes photographs.
You could say he is cute
but when he starts to cry, you want to hit mute.
He is very clumsy
and gets comfy.

My brother is very busy
he gets really dizzy.
He tries to sing
like he’s a king.
He never runs out of energy
he makes lots of memories.
He likes to bike
And eats Mike and Ikes.
He always games
And when he’s in trouble, he likes to blame.

My sister is sassy
and a little bit classy.
She is very clingy
but she is a mini me.
She likes Doc Mcstuffins
and eats lots of muffins.
From time to time she is nice
and hardly ever exercises.
She is very mean
and never clean.
She is quite beautiful
and acts like she is in a musical.

Kaisha is quite different
and is very belligerent.
She likes to hit
and throws lots of fits.
She likes chips
and never trips.
She speaks fluent spanish
and is quite mannish.

He is quite the artist
but isn't the smartest.
He likes the Flash
and he use to clash.
He always lies
but never cries.

Kyler use to work
but not as a clerk.
He is somewhat good at backflips
and eats lots of chips.
He watches Dragon Ball Z
which isn’t the best series if you ask me.
He may be stronger than me

but never wiser.

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