Friday, April 15, 2016

Starting Over

Kadence was a 14 year old girl. She grew up living a difficult life. Kadence’s parents were very young when they had her, and they we left with no money. They realized it would be too much to take care of her, so they put her up for adoption.  She was living in a foster home since she was three years old with 12 other children. It was a nightmare, but it was a safe place for Kadence to stay.
She was in a foster home with other children who have been through the same thing she had been going through. Kadence hated living in the foster home because it was always so noisy, and she never had any privacy. There was only one girl that she could trust; her name was Sarah. Sarah was 10 years old, and they both arrived at the foster home around the same time. Sarah had been through everything with Kadence, and they could tell each other anything. Sarah knew when something was wrong with Kadence, and this time she could tell Kadence wasn’t acting normal.
Sarah asked,”What is going on, Kadence? You aren’t acting the same anymore.”
Kadence replied,” I hate it here. I don’t know if I can do this anymore. I have been thinking about leaving the foster home. You can’t tell anybody.”
“What about me? Are you just going to leave me?” Sarah asked with disbelief.
“I am sorry, Sarah. I am not happy here anymore,” Kadence said while tears were running down her face.
Sarah ran off to her room crying. Kadence felt awful for leaving Sarah, but she knew what she had to do to make her happier. She would do whatever it would take to get out of the foster home, even if it meant living on the streets for a little while until she found a shelter for the homeless. After dinner, Kadence went to her room and locked her room so nobody would find out what she was doing. Kadence was going to pack her things as soon as she got up before everybody would go down to the dining room for breakfast.
Kadence woke up the next morning with a little bit guilt. She felt bad for not taking Sarah with, but she was happy where she was. Kadence knew that Sarah wouldn’t do well with the challenges that she is going to have to face living on her own. Kadence walked out the door. She turned around and looked up to her room. When she looked up to her window, she saw Sarah looking down at her. Sarah had tears running down her face while she was waving. Sarah blew her a kiss as Kadence received it and sent one back to her. Kadence made her way to downtown, San Antonio.
Kadence was starting to get hungry. She had no money to buy food. She took a seat along the curb and she started to regret leaving the home. She started to think that she didn’t think her decisions all the way through. She got in her backpack for her last granola bar. Next to her granola bar she saw a picture in her bag. She pulled out the picture, and it was a picture of her and Sarah. Sarah walked into Kadence's room last night while she was sleeping and put the picture in her bag along with a note on the back of it. Kadence became very emotional.
All of a sudden things started to change. It was like someone was looking after her. There was a lady who came up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. It was a very tall, beautiful woman. The lady’s name was Kim; Kim asked Kadence if she Kadence was alright. She had told her that she had just ran away from her foster home, and she had no place to stay. Kim asked her if she would like to go back to her apartment for the night. Kadence was very thankful for this opportunity. Even though Kadence had never met Kim, she felt like she had ran into her before somewhere. Kadence felt safe with her already.
When they got back to Kim’s apartment, Kadence was amazed. It was the most beautiful place she had ever seen. She had never seen anything like it before. She started to look around and there were picture of her when she was pregnant.
Kadence asked Kim,” Do you have a child?”
“I did, but I gave her up for adoption because my boyfriend and I didn’t have any money to take care of the little girl. I didn’t want to do it, but my husband threatened me if I didn’t give her up for adoption. After I gave the baby up for adoption, my husband left me anyways.”
Kadence replied,” Oh, I am so sorry. I had no idea.”
In the back of her mind, Kadence felt like she knew her. There was this brief thought that she was her daughter. Kim went to go take a shower because she was going to take Kadence out for a nice dinner. Once She got in the shower, Kadence went over to the cabinets next to her desk. She opened up the drawer and found a file with the adoption papers along with the adoption agency’s number. Kadence picked up the home phone and called the number.
Kadence said,” Hello, this is Kadence. I am currently living with Kim Muller, and she told me to contact you about her baby that she gave up for adoption. Can you please tell me where that child is now?”
The lady replied,” This is confidential information, so I am going to need you to stop by, so I can deliver you the information myself.”
Luckily enough the building was only a few blocks away. Kadence had told Kim that she was going to run to the nearby coffee shop. Once Kadence got to the building, she became very nervous. If Kim really was her birth mother this could change her entire life.
Kadence walked in and said,” Hello my name is Kadence; I called earlier to find out who Kim Muller’s daughter was.”
“Oh, yes! I am going to pull up the information right now. It says that the girl is now 14 years old and lives near downtown Seattle in a foster home. Her name is Kadence.”
Kadence didn’t know what to say. She stood there with shock. Kadence had always dreamed about finding her birth mother again and it finally came true. She smiled and had a few tears dripping down her face.
Kadence smiled and walked away while the lady asked,”Is that all you needed?”
Kadence went back to tell Kim everything. Once She walked in the door, Kim asked if everything had been alright because her cheeks were all red and her eyes were still glossy from crying tears of joy.
Kadence said,” Kim, I am your daughter. I confirmed it with the adoption agency when I had told you I was going to the coffee shop!
Kim ran up to Kadence and gave her a big hug while she mentioned she had been looking for Kadence ever since her husband left. They both started crying into each other’s arms.
The next day Kim went back to the adoption agency and signed papers for legal custody of Kadence. Kadence finally got to live the life she always wanted to live. Kim had a surprise for her while they were at the court. Sarah walked around the corner and Kadence and Sarah met eye to eye. They ran towards each other and gave each other a big hug. Kim had told Kadence that she contacted her foster mom, and she asked if Kim would be willing to adopt Sarah too. She had been lonely ever since Kadence left, and they were already like sisters. Kim had adopted both of them, and they are starting their lives over.

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