Friday, April 15, 2016

April P.P.O.W.

Poems aren't easy;
sometimes their cheesy.
Too many are hard;
some are too easy.
Spaghetti is messy.
It's all over the place.
It’s under the bed
and on top of my head.
Snow is everywhere;
it’s on the ground and in the air.
Snow is fun
but not in the sun.
It gets melty
and makes it no fun.
Halloween can be scary;
costumes can be big and hairy.
Sometimes halloween is meant for fun,
but make sure not to leave you candy in the sun.
Summer is a beautiful place;
you can take off your shoe lace,
or even play bass.
There are a lot of movie genres;
I especially like drama.
I like to watch them in my pajamas
while sitting by llamas
at the Bahamas.
Kelsi is my best friend.
It’s fun to hangout on the weekend.
Because we are such good friends,
we like to share clothing trends.
Kelsi is always happy
and very crafty.
She’s always looking on the good side of things
and never pulls my strings.
Whenever something bothers her,
I will always be there for my best friend, Kelsi.
Ayla is my older sister
and can sometimes be a blister.
It’s a lot of fun having an older sister,
to know she’s always there
So she can do my hair
or share a pear
Or tell me what to wear.
She will always be my older sister
even when she’s being a blister.
She is my younger sister.
We always get along
and always staying strong.
She’s always there for me
and will always care for me
and sometimes never stay away from me.
Sometimes we think the same thing,
because of the connection we have.
And will always be my younger sister.  
Sisters are fun to be around.
They don’t push each other to the ground.
They are always there for you
and will always care for you.
They will always be your best friend.
They might be the only people you want to be around,
when you don’t want to pushed to the ground.
Sisters are family and will always be your friend.
School isn’t always fun,
especially when you don’t get to see the sun.
Middle school has no more recess,
because of construction;
it makes you not function.
You're always tired
and feel like you've been fired.
If you put your head up you get through the day.
The day will go by fast,
And you might have a blast.
Until you ride the bus,
It makes you want to fuss.

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