Friday, April 15, 2016

The Natural Born Killer

“The Natural Born Killer”
Carlos Condit was born April 26, 1984 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was training to become a mixed martial artist since he was a young child. He also enjoyed Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, and boxing. Carlos Condit is the “Natural Born Killer.” He is an american UFC fighter in the welterweight division. Before he was a UFC fighter he was in a now UFC owned company known as the World Extreme Cagefighting(WEC). He was the last reigning, defending, welterweight champion of the world before the UFC bought it and took it over. While in the WEC he fought people like Frank Trigg, Dan Hardy, Jake Ellenberger, Brock Larson, Rory MacDonald, and Dong Hyun Kim. Multiple UFC websites named him the sixth best welterweight in the world. In his beginning years of the WEC Carlos Condit had a 5:0 record/undefeated streak. Because Carlos Condit was such a good fighter he was set to face George St. Pierre in the UFC for the welterweight championship. Not to long before the set date for the fight Pierre had suffered an injury forcing the match to not take place. Carlos was offered other fights but refused them all in order to wait for Pierre and have his title shot.
Carlos Condit has an arsenal of moves as does every sport fighter. These are Carlos Condit’s signature move set. First, his rear naked choke. This is his best and most feared submission. First off a rear naked choke is performed by wrapping your legs around the opponent so they cannot escape, and by placing either your forearm or inner elbow across the throat or jugular artery causing the opposer to either “Tap out or pass out”. Another move that he throws is the flying knee. To perform the flying knee all you do is simply run, jump, and hit them in the face with your knee; but what makes it so special for him is that he doesn’t always jump so high and that midway through he will grab your head and bring it towards his knee so it could extremely damage your body or getcha’ right in the jaw instead of the face or forehead. The way he would almost always land the knee is that he would throw some *fear punches* and some front kicks so they would step back or get their back up against the cage. Then Carlos would throw the flying knee.
Another signature move is actually more of a style/technique. He uses a Muay Thai fighting style while also being extremely aggressive towards the opponent. Muay Thai moves include the Muay Thai clinch, a vast majority of kicks to his use, increased body control, and well-timed and extremely powerful strikes. Carlos is not to crazy though, he likes to also keep space and not get *rocked*. Condit usually goes for the body but also likes to mix it up and go for the legs and combos to the head. He also conserves a lot of his energy throughout the fight so when he sees that his opponent is tiring he will swarm you with 110% of kicks, knees, and punches not stopping until the referee stops him, or until he runs out of that energy, but it usually goes to him getting pulled off by the ref and his hand raised by knockout.
The way he uses leg kicks is that when he notices that his opponent is starting to feel comfortable or  is getting in the rhythm of when said opponent is to strike Carlos. He stops that rhythm dead in it’s tracks by throwing a light leg kick to knock them off balance or a strong as a kick he can throw to almost immobilize his opponent. The way Condit outsmarts his opponents is the best in my opinion because he will start the combo with a front kick and if the opponent steps back Condit will come forward at him with a flurry of light punches or a couple full-force punches to rock them and throw the flying knee. If the opponent steps forward for a counter hit Carlos will counter that counter, step back, and return back to his original stance and keep fighting.  Another thing about his knees is that he loves to get in the Muay Thai clinch and throwing his knees into his opponents face.
Carlos Condit has almost a perfect clinch and stand-up game. His only flaw is that he cannot be on his back. Offensively he will almost never think of “shooting the gap” or going for the takedown. The only thing he will try and look for is a trip in the clinch if he feels confident enough to end the fight there. The reason that he can’t be on his back is that he can’t get out. If someone gets him in half guard he is done. Even though Condit doesn’t usually go for takedowns, he will usually try to reverse the takedown. Such as if the opponent shoots for a single leg takedown he will almost always use the kimura arm lock and flip on top of you for a vicious ground and pound.

Some fun facts are that he is a black belt in Gaidojutsu and knows how to apply submissions. One thing about that is he has yet to finish a fight via submission in his career. The only thing Carlos can do on his back is that he will keep the tightest guard he can and then when he sees an opening or some type of tiring he will hit you with all the elbows he can throw at you. A lot of fighters who know about Condit’s guard is that they will usually get off of the ground with him. One move that Carlos Condit rarely does on his back is that he will go to a butterfly guard. He barely uses it ever bet is very good at this position. The most ways he wins and is most successful with is that he the “Natural Born Killer” should just always be on the offensive and and throw as much flurries as he can while maintaining that energy. Not many people will be able to withstand the cardio and combos that Condit throws for five-five minute rounds. Carlos Condit has been on a “break” still waiting for George St. Pierre(a.k.a GSP) to be ready and cleared to fight and when that time comes he will be back in the UFC. Carlos Condit is the Natural Born Killer.

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