Friday, April 15, 2016

April PPOW

Jarret Freeman
March 30, 2016
English 8-6
April PPow

A Ghost
I saw a ghost.
He was a game host;
He was hanging out by a post.
The post was by the coast.
He likes to eat toast.
He doesn't like to roast.
He doesn't like to boast.
He likes to be loved the most.
He doesn't like french toast.
He will grow four feet at the most.

I went out for football.
I meet a guy named Paul.
He was tall.
We were sitting by a wall.
He wanted to go to the mall.
He liked to ball.
He had to sprawl.
He was about to fall.
He had to crawl.
He went into the stall.

I had some thoughts;
About some robots.
When I saw some dots.
Then I heard some shots.
I hated this a lot.
Then I grabbed some pots;
Then hit the robots.
Then I saw some watts;
So I headed to the rooftops.
As I looked around, the city was in knots.

I'm running out of time.
I heard a chime.
I saw a crime.
I also saw a dime.
I’m trying to rhyme.
I ate a lime.
Then I saw some slime
which was coming from a mime.
He was in his prime.
He was trying to climb.

I have a cat.
My cat is fat.
He likes to eat gnats.
My cat likes to chat.
My cat just ate a rat.
My cat has his own mat.
My cat makes animals scat.
My cat went splat.
My cat got ran over by a bobcat.
Now my cat is flat.

I like to speak.
I have a beak.
I am Greek.
My friend is weak.
My friend is also Greek.
My friend has no cheek.
My friend’s bird reeks.
We like to sneak on the bird that reeks.
My friends bird squeaks.
My friend has had a long week.
I sit in my chair.
As a thinks of dares.
They have to be fair.
Here is one dare;
You just have to stare.
I might get some glares.
I have a friend who likes to swear.
He has a girlfriend named Claire.
His head is square.
He likes to eat pears.
He fell down the stairs.
He doesn't like it when I don't share.
His school cooks food with hair.
Seeing him with short hair is rare.

He does all my dares.

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