Friday, April 15, 2016


I’m a moth,
Much like a butterfly, but overlooked
Not quite as pretty, and not quite as graceful.
I’m a moth.

I’m a moth,
Simple and plain
Not quite as good.
I’m a moth.

O butterfly I wish I could be
Beautiful and Loved  
Graceful and Cherished.
O butterfly I wish I could be.

I am a moth
overlooked by many but loved by great
Simple and Plain, but strong.
I am a moth.

With a jolt I slam my foot into the pedal.
The car lurches into motion just as I had wanted.
Wait this isn’t what I planned,
Go forward go forward.

Bam! It hadn't gone how I had wanted.
Turning it to the right gear I pulled my car back up the lane.
Looking back down at the tree,
I saw it laying on the ground looking small
Not off the ground.

The Brick Wall

Tall and towing with shadows so long,
The mighty brick wall won't stand at dawn.
As the morning birds sing their sweet sweet song.
The wall will fall just like a swan.

Green the paper stares back at me
Farther than the eye can see.
It piles up to the rooftops high.
I can not seem to see the sky.

So long and thin
And pointed tip
I wish I had thee in my hand,
For without you I can’t stand.

The path you make so sharp and grey.
I use my pencil everyday.

My Fridge
Hope sharp as day.
I feel it as I go on my way,
For in my fridge I hope to find
My favorite food in a bind.

Walking through the bright green grass.
I walked in the yard with all my sass.
Bonding up to in a halo of light;
Came my puppy to my delight

I raced up to him to ruffle his fur,
And with a jump he came right at me
And sunk his teeth into my arm.
Oh betrayed I had been by my sweet little dog.

Creeping and crawling right over my bed.
The eight legged creature was next to my head.
I rolled right to the side and fell with a yell.
Grabbing my shoe, I arose from the floor
And stomped that black spider back onto the ground.

Slipping and Sliding
Slipping and sliding down the dark hall,
I can’t stop to greet you,
for I don’t want to fall.  
I should have stopped to grab a shoe,
But slipping and sliding is fun in the fall.

Swans and Fawns
Graceful and white
Just like a kite.
It came with all it’s spite.
As it was in flight.

It’s eyes landed on it so tiny and small
It looked up with worry and let out a call,
But it had been spotted there was nothing to do
But turn on its haunches and run towards the zoo.

Still the swan came a blanket of white
And that was the end of the chase of might,
For no longer did the fawn fight.

Swimming in and out
Up and down
The fish came to me
In the sea.

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