Friday, April 15, 2016

April PPOW

He calls me a brick,
He makes me sick,
He thinks he’s slick,
But really he makes no sense.
He doesn’t realize that,
He’s more of a brick.
Your science presentations,
Are mostly just copy and paste.
Not trying to hurt your feelings,
Your one funny dude,
That just got schooled.
Joey C. Out.
Mr. Ross
Good ole Ross Boss,
His class is pretty good,
But we have to write PPOW’s
That always sucks.
Ah shucks.
We have to take a lot of notes.
Makes me wanna leave the class,
And float away on a sailboat.
This isn’t one of my best poems.
But neither is this class.
No offense Mr. Ross,
Your classes are usually pretty good.
But sometimes I miss understand what you’re talking about.
By the time your lessons get over,
There will be a water drought.
Joey C. out
They weren’t expected to win it all,
But all they did was ball.
They went to the national championship,
They took it all.
They faced UNC,
NOVA locked em down,
Like they were back on the play ground.
UNC players wishing they transferred to Georgetown.
Marcus Paige made a great shot with 4 seconds left,
And it tied the game.
It was pretty clutch but Villanova was more Clutch.
With a splash buzzer beater,
Hearts were broken,
So were Marcus Paige’s ankles.
Villanova was stroking them threes.
UNC thought the game was gonna be a breeze,
But then they choked.
Joey C. out
Gotta love track.
You could be fast.
You could be slow.
You could even break your hip,
In the 100 meter dash.
Gotta love track.
Some teams are completely stacked,
Some teams aren’t.
Still gotta love track.
Joey C. out
It’s my favorite sport.
I just love the game,
Put the defender to shame.
Make sure they remember your name,
Otherwise it’s only yourself to blame.
It’s a really great sport.
Not all people are ballers though.
Some wrestle which I am not much of a fan of.
It’s all good: do what you want,
But you should definitely play basketball.
It’s a smarter choice.
Joey C. Out
Brady is one good friend,
That’s is really good at sports.
He’s one big dude,
That runs track,
That has weak comebacks.
He thinks they’re good.
But they really aren’t;
Just like him, just kidding Brady.
Joey C. out

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