Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Day of Ending is the Day of Beginning.

            Everybody knows the story of Cinderella, how she loses her shoe, a prince finds her and together they live happily ever after. Well my mom had a son then a daughter and that was never in the story. A few weeks after I was born my fathers’ evil brother Jess attacked the castle and I was sent off with my 5-year-old brother. Wolves raised us. Nobody told you about that did they?
Well this is my story. My name is Izzy and my brother is Jonathan. We are the rightful rulers of my mother's castle, but oh no she's dead along with her prince charming. This is my story of how I became the warrior I am and how I tried to get my castle back.
                                                            16 Years earlier
            I wake with a start and look around. I couldn’t see what was happening. Then I saw a wolf and smiled at it dearly.
            “Oh my dear friend you have scared me.” I pet her on the head and then I stand up. “Today I am 16 my dear friends.” I said looking around to everyone. “I’m going out to become a warrior. To take back what is mine,” I look around, “Would anyone join me?”
            All the wolves howled and my big brother smiled at me.
            “Good job little sis.” I saw pride in his eyes.
            We left the cave I had come to call home and set of to find a camp to train. After walking for 4 hours I stopped and looked at Jonathan.
            “This looks like this will work.” I said. We walked around and it was beautiful. A house that looked well aged. It was abandoned I could see that clear as day. I walked in the doors and gasped.
            “Do you think this is the place you tell me about in the stories of mom and dad?” I asked him with amazement in my eyes.
            “I think this is the place.” He said looking around then he stopped. He pointed to something on the ground. “Mothers step-sisters toe. From when they were trying to fit in the shoe.”
            I walked around more in amazement it was just like the stories he had told me. I didn’t know what to say.
            After 3 hours of looking around we had found food that was still good and a fireplace. We then set up camp. We went to bed early and I woke in the middle of the night to a scream.
            “What is that?” I whispered to the wolf closest to me. He howled and I knew just what had happened. Jonathan had been hurt.
            “AHHHH!” Another scream. I got up and ran to the sound and found Jonathan dead on the ground. I fell to my knees crying and the wolves around me howled and said their goodbyes. I took my brothers favorite blade and held on to it.
            “I will avenge you. I swear it.” I screamed at the sky full of stars and turn to my wolf family. “We must avenge my brother he has been like a king to you.” I pointed at two wolves and spoke quietly, “I want you two to find a river make sure its close I want to give him the proper farewell, the one my parents were unable to get.”
            They had set off in the morning. I started to punch a tree by the time they came back.
            “Did you find one?” I asked the oldest. He howled. “Good we will send him tonight.” I started to cry silently, and kept punching the tree.
            Nightfall came and we set off to the river. When we got there all the wolves looked sad and depressed. I made a wooden boat and put Jonathan on it. The wolves pushed him in the river and I shot a flaming arrow at him. The boat caught fire and we all walked away.
            “We will remember you Jonathan.” I said quietly.
            We got back to the camp and I immediately go to the tree and started punching again.
            In the morning the wolves howled and I was still at the tree punching. My hands had became bruised and cut open. I didn’t care I just kept punching. It hurt my hands but I needed to take my anger out somewhere. At noon the wolves started to worry about me so they made me stop.
            “I’m ready to fight. I’m going tonight. Either come with me or stay behind.” I said looking around at the wolves.
            At night I snuck off and made a bow. I got to the castle and looked at it in astonishment.
            “Wow.” Then I saw a baby wolf behind me. I crouched and pet her head. “Did you follow me here?” She howled a little and I smiled. “You must be carful here I don’t want you hurt.” I helped her hide then I walked in the castle and a boy about 17 walked up to me and pulled me in a house.
            “What are you doing here Izzy? My name is Kolby and I was supposed to be the one you marry when you became age they decided before your parents died.” He smiled at me.
            “What?” I fainted.

To be continued…

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