Wednesday, March 30, 2016


“Jane, where is my nice shirt?” asked Mike, who was in a hurry to go to a very important meeting with a client.
            “It’s in the closet!” answered Jane.
            Mike was an accountant. He lived in Long Beach, California with his wife, Jane. Mike was a very nice guy with a lot of friends. He also had one child. He had a little boy named Gavin. Gavin was 2 years old, and Mike and Jane cared about him very much. Well, enough about Mike; lets get back to the story.
            “I can’t find it!” Mike yelled at Jane nervously.
            “Keep looking; I know it’s there somewhere!” answered Jane.
            “I still can’t find it… oh, never mind, I found it.”
            “Good, now hurry up and get ready; you have to be there soon.”
            “I’m going as fast as I can!”
            Mike is about out the door and Jane yells, “You forgot your phone!”
            Mike runs quickly to go get his phone.
            “Bye honey!” said Mike, while he was running out the door.
            “Bye. Have a good day!” Jane yelled back.
            Mike parks his car in the parking garage after work everyday, that is one block down the street. When Mike ran outside the door; he waited for the sign to say that he could go. After about 30 seconds, sign told him that he could pass. He was walking in the middle of the street, looking at his phone, while a driver was looking at his phone and wasn’t looking at the red light. Mike was in the middle of the road, standing there in shock of what he saw right in front of him
            “Errrnch,” screamed the cars brakes as the driver slammed on the brakes before he hit Mike. It was too late.
            All he saw was black.
            “Nooooooooooooooo!” screamed Jane, crying as she ran to Mike.
            Jane dialed 911, as she was kneeling down beside Mike. The Ambulance got there within five minutes. They got Mike into the ambulance as quickly as they could. When they got to the ER, Mike was awake, but no one was paying attention to him. He got up, and started walking around the room, but all the doctors were still huddled around the table. He walked over to the table, and there he saw, his body, lying there, on the table. He tried to pat one of the doctors on the back, but it was like his hand went right through him.
            “What is happening?” Mike kept yelling and yelling, confusingly.
            No one was responding to Mike. He tried and tried to open the door to get out of the room, but it was still like his hand was going right through it.
            Then he heard the doctors start whispering, “Mike is in a comma. Someone told me that when he got hit, his head slammed against the street. He also cracked a couple of ribs.  We will put him into room 311.”
            Then, they took Mike’s body to the room that he was going to stay in, and Mike followed them.
While he was walking behind  the doctors; he heard someone yell for help, and said, “ What’s happening! No one is answering me.”
            I ran to him, checking what was wrong.
            When he got there, he yelled to the man, ”Hey, is what’s wrong?”
            “You can hear me?” asked the man with a confused look on his face. ”No one else seems like they can hear me,” said the man.
            “What happened to you?” asked Mike.
            “I was in a car wreck. This car came out of no where.”
            “Ohh. I’m sorry.”
            “Thanks,” said the man, “What happened to you?”
            “A drive wasn’t paying attention and the light was red, and I was in the middle of the street then he hit me.”
            They started talking for awhile after that. They talked about their families, and where they worked. Hank (the man) had a wife, two kids, two brothers, and one sister. While they were talking, Mike and Hank were talking when something was wrong with Hank. It was like he was disappearing. Mike ran to the nurse at the desk and tried to find what room he was in. He was in room 201. He went to the stairs and ran to the second floor. He went to room 201, and he saw Hank’s body, lying there. All he heard was doctors rushing to the room, and the machine making a noise that no one likes to hear. The sound of the machine beeping really fast. The doctors were doing all they could to save him.
            “Clear!” yelled one of the doctors.
            Then the other doctor shocked his chest, but it did not work.
            “Clear!” said the same doctor again
            The other doctor did the same thing but nothing happened.
            The doctors tried the same thing a few more times, but it still didn’t work.
Then, the worst thing happened. All Mike could see is a flat line on the machine.
            “Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep,” Mike heard from the machine
            The doctors put the blanket over his face, and the doctor looked at his watch and said, “The time is 5:56 p.m.”
To be Continued…

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