Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Boy Frigid: The Experience

March 16, 1976
Diary of Renbar Bridger
Entry 574
To Whom It May Concern,
My beautiful baby Margaret was born last night at 9:45 p.m. It’s too bad I will only get to know her for a couple of months, but I do know she will grow up to be an incredible person. I can’t wait to watch her grow from above (or below depending where people with ice powers go when they die), and I know she will do great things. Her children will do the same. The Bridger family will be long lasting. I love my wife to death, and I will hate to see her go as much as she’ll hate to see me go. However, if my daughter ever does have a child with these powers, I can only hope that they can be tamed better than I could myself. I had to shut many people out for these abilities and the people I did keep close were always in danger. That was always the worst part. Now my wife and daughter are in a safe place where they can spend the rest of their lives. This will probably be my last diary entry, and my end has come to greet me. It’s been a great run, in a great world, with even greater people.

Current Time
The blood on the wall sent chills down Grayson’s spine. He hated hurting people, even the bad ones, but sometimes it was the only way. He quickly froze the hands of the knocked out goon to a pole inside the superstore. One down. He ran up the aisle with the dog food and past the fish tanks that held the pet fish. Grayson pushed ice underneath his feet to make him slide across the floors of the superstore. His eyes locked with his next target. In one hand was a flat screen TV and in the other was a glock pistol. Grayson threw an ice ball at his back. This force his body to be hoisted into the air and fall flat on its face. The pistol flew out of the criminal's hand as he laid on the ground, out cold. Grayson felt the cold rushing through him as he darted through the isles. He continued to defeat the band of thieves. After only an hour he had all thieves in front of the store for the police. He left a note for them to read. It read:
Dear Police,
Beat you guys to it again. All the guns are behind counter 4, and are frozen. There is crap scattered across the building so good luck with that.
-Boy Frigid
In only a couple hours, Grayson’s icy head hit his pillow, and he slept. It’s been a couple of months since the incident, and Grayson had made a name for himself. Boy Frigid had become a face. Many people began to start to call him “Frigid” or just straight-up “superhero”. Grayson didn’t get bullied anymore at school, and his bully was now scared of him. His eyes changed from green to a blue-icy color. Grayson has saved people all around the city of Denver, and had stopped many illegal drug deals, thieving, and even stopped forms of abuse. It was a new life for him.
The smell of eggs and bacon arose Grayson from his slumber. He got out of his bed and ruffled his hand around in his hair in an attempt to make it go down again. After a failed attempt, he stumbled down the stairs in his underwear. He took a seat on the island in his kitchen, where his mom would serve him before too long.
“Mornin’,” he said as he sat down.
“Hey buddy, want some breakfast?” she asked.
“Yes please,” he replied.
“How’d you sleep last night?” she asked.
“Eh, so-so,” he said with a smirk.
“That Boy-Frigid is back again,” his mom said clueless.
“Really?” he asked, “What a loser.”
“Yeah,” she said, “Look at the Television.”
Grayson smirked. His eyes met the television sitting above the cupboard that holds the glass cups. The man on TV began to talk.
“The Boy-Frigid showed up yet again last night, he stopped a group of ten men in the local superstore. What do you think of this boy, Maybelle?” he asked the lovely woman next to him.
“I think whatever he is doing needs to be stopped. Our city has police for a reason,” she replied.
“I disagree with you, Maybelle. I think this boy can be a sign of hope for the people in our city” the man said firmly.
Grayson firmly switched to a different channel. His mom served his breakfast to him, and he quickly dives into it. After breakfast, Grayson showered and dressed himself for the day. It was Saturday and they were traveling to his grandma’s for the day. He hadn’t been there since the accident, and he’d only seen his grandma once since then.

The day went as planned. Grayson and his family visited the mansion of a house for and Grayson got to see his beloved grandmother. Later that day, Grayson made a trip to the Attic to see his grandfather's old stuff. He did this nearly every time he came. He wishes he could’ve met him.

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  1. Good story! Are you going to keep it going? And what was the accident? But other then that I really like your story.