Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Remember Me
Remember me when I’m gone.
Don’t forget all the memories,
and things we have collected.
I will always remember you,
even when we are long gone.
So remember me,
when I am gone.
All Wrong
I thought I could trust you.
I guess I was wrong.
I thought you were my friend.
I guess I was wrong.
I always thought that you cared for me,
but I was all wrong.
Now I am here lying on the floor
because of what you’ve done.
Please tell me
I took it the wrong way.
For if I did not,
I will never recover
from the damage you’ve done.
Feelings that Linger
I know it will never be the same,
but my feelings will always linger.
For I can’t get rid of them
after everything that I thought had happened.
You felt different,
so you ended it
after I was starting to get attached.
I’m glad it ended then
otherwise I would have been lead on.
The damage has been done,
and we will never be the same.
Don’t think there is ever a chance
that we could go back to normal,
even though I still have feelings that linger.
Dogs are my favorite animals.
They are there when you need them.
They don’t judge you
even when you look like crap.
They sit there and let you pet them.
Some can be jerks though
and don’t let you come near them.
Others run to you and jump all over you.
Some like to lick a little
and others lick your face off.
They all have different fur
that is different colors, textures, lengths, and more.
They all are different sizes too,
like really small, small, medium, large, and extra large.
I like all different sizes of dogs.
Just give me a dog, and I’ll have a hay day.
I haven’t met a dog that doesn’t like me.
I know all kinds of dogs.
I have three dogs myself.
Beau is a golden retriever.
He is ten and loves to pant.
He doesn’t stop bothering you
until he gets attention.
Then there’s Sadie that is a miniature schnauzer.
She is eleven and is a spaz.
She always jumps
at any sudden movement or sound.
Coco is a chocolate lab.
She is four and is crazy.
If you ever are sitting on the floor,
you better watch out for her rubbing on you and her kisses.
I love all of my dogs and all other dogs.
Fish just get to swim around all day.
The only thing they have to worry about is
someone trying to take them out of the water.
We feed them and clean their tank.
My fish are a little jumpy
and don’t like it 
when their tank is disturbed.
Mine like to hide under the boat
that I have in my tank.
I don’t know why they say that fish blow bubbles.
They don’t really do anything.
I don’t even know how they sleep.
Fish are cool either way
because they live in water,
and some people can’t even swim.

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