Wednesday, March 30, 2016


She wasn’t ever expecting it to happen, and he never thought that she would come back, but she did.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I open my eyes to my phone blowing up, I roll over trying to avoid it, but it didn’t work. I look at my phone; it was Sean. He was calling me, so I pick up the phone.
“Hello,” I said in a tired voice.
“Hey babe, where are you?” Sean said as I try to remember where I was supposed to be. Then I remember it hit me like a time bomb.
“I’m so sorry, I forgot all about our date,” I said.
“Oh it’s fine, for once I’m not the one late,” he said sarcastically.
“I’m so happy to have such a good boyfriend like you, I will get up and get ready. I’ll be there is half an hour, okay?” I asked.
“Yeah, that’s fine see you there,” he said.
“Okay bye, I love you,” I said in a happy voice not feeling so guilty anymore.
“Bye, I love you too,” Sean said.
I got read,y and I met Sean at Perkins, I walked in the door and sat down. I order my food and started talking to Sean.
“I love this place, have you ever been here before? Sean asked me.
“Are you crazy? I love this place. My mom and I used to come here all the time,” I said sarcastically.
“Sorry, I didn’t know you like this place.” he said. Then he started to stare at something, or someone. I turned around. It was a girl, she looked familiar, but I couldn’t tell you who she was. I turn back around.
“It’s not nice to stare.” I said about to eat my food He kept staring and didn’t stop just kept staring. I finally got mad and said “If she look so nice, you should ask her out  instead of me!” I said as I got up and left.
“No Blair, don’t leave,” said Sean as he started to chase me out the door. “Come on, Blair stop. Just wait a second,” he said to me as I was getting into my car.
“What? What could be so important that you had to stop staring to actually look and chase me?” I said sarcastically.
“Come on Blair, I don’t like her, it’s just….” he paused for ten seconds or so.
“What spit it out already?” I said getting really mad.
“She my ex-girlfriend, but last I knew she was in a mental hospital. I was staring because I didn’t know what she was doing here,” he said questioning himself. I didn’t know what to say back, so I just sat looked at my steering wheel of my car.
Finally, I said, “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t know that I would ever see her again, and I didn’t want to scare you away if I told you about my crazy ex-girlfriend.” he said shyly. “Can I get in, and we can go somewhere else and talk?”
“Yeah,” I said as I start my car. We head to a coffeeshop, and we order our drinks.
“Why is she so crazy? I mean, what did she do to you?” I asked.
“Umm… We started dating when I lived in Michigan, and we went to college together. We went out on dates, you know the normal thing. Then one day, I was talking to a girl in my class and Hadley, that’s her name if I didn’t tell you. She walks up and starts yelling at me. She thought that I was cheating on her, but I wasn’t. I was asking her about our paper that we had to write. The next day, I told her that I thought we should just be friends.Then she blew up, threw my food in my face and stormed out!” Sean said taking a drink of his coffee.
After a couple days, I was sitting at home watching T.V.  I hear a knock at the door. I go open the door, and there were a dozen roses sitting on my doorstep. I automatically thought they were from Sean. I bring the flowers inside and go to watching TV, as I thought to myself, I would thank Sean later. We were going to go to a movie or something. That night get ready to and go, I was waiting for him to pick me up, and I waited and waited He never showed up, so I texted him: Where are you?? I’ve been waiting for you for three hours!!
I never got a text back either, that’s when I knew something was up. I drove to his house and it was all dark, but I walked up to his door. There was a note it read: Hi Blair, it’s Hadley. I hope you don’t mind, I took your boyfriend! Don’t bother looking for him because you won’t find him!
I run to my car to get my phone, and I see a car drive away really fast! I knew it was Hadley.  I start my car and chase after Hadley, she drove to an abandoned warehouse, and I watched her walk in. I find another way in and sneak in, I could hear Sean, he was yelling, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. Then all I see is black as I fall asleep.

To be continued….

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