Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Brothers can be nice,
Brother can be mean,
You can love your brothers,
You can hate your brothers,
But when it comes to it you will defend your brothers,
Even tho you hate them,
You love them.

You need your parents,
Your parents want the best for you,
Parents love and respect you.

Your friends love you,
Your friends will do anything for you,
Your friends are you family not related.

You love your family,
Your family loves and needs you,
Nobody wants to let their family go,
Your family will always be there for you,
If you are mad at your family,
It's because they love you.

Class is fun,
Class if awesom,
Class can be boring,
Class can feel long,
Classes are all the same,
They all have teachers,
They all give out homework,
Something if you're lucky,
You can get the teacher talking the whole time,
Sometimes you're unlucky and get the teacher mad,
But classes are all just classes

This is my 50th line,
I am almost done,
Its midnight,
I want to sleep tonight,
Almost their,
Not even going to share,
This is like a dare,
Or like fighting a bear,
No not fighting a hare,
75 lines is not fair,
I would rather bite a pair,
This is my 61 line,
It won't have rhythm,
It will be slow,
It won't show,
But you must know,
That I am almost to the end of this journey.

Sleep is needed,
Sleep is great,
Sleep is the body's way of healing,
Sleep is precious,
But one thing is for sure,
You sleep more on the weekends,
You do this because your body has time to catch up on sleep,
Babies sleep more than anybody.

Sleep in needed.

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