Thursday, March 31, 2016

Broken Vases Lead to Broken Dreams Part 2

Ten years later, Harrison and I are applying to the Special Agent Academy to work for the FBI. Although we may never know what happened to our real parents, we can still follow in their footsteps to help the country.
When Harrison and I found out about the adoption, it took us a while to cope, but then we started to wonder if anyone else knew about our adoption. We went to the lawyers that helped our adoptive mom with the adoption. It took a month for us to get an appointment with the lawyers. In that month, though we were able to figure out what questions we wanted to ask and what we really wanted to find out.The lawyers didn't give us much information other than the names James Markham and Mary Guyer. James Markham was our parents’ other partner at the academy. He had had ideas of adopting us when our parents disappeared, at least that is what the lawyers told us. Mary Guyer was a name that I thought I had heard before, but didn’t quite remember. She turned down the option to adopt us quickly, the lawyer emphasised quickly when he said that. The lawyers also told us that there was a will and a next of kin agreement that stated if anything happened to our parents no funeral would be given, they would be cremated. We would be put up for adoption if something happened to them and we would find out that we were adopted when we graduated high school. Since we already knew we were adopted, they let us hear the rest. Included in the will was that if we we ever wanted to go to the Special Agents Academy, we would be accepted, and be enrolled free of charge.
We visited Mr. Markham a few weeks later. He didn’t recognize us, or understand why we were there. He took us to a very nice place for dinner, and he said some nice things about our parents. Everytime we tried to ask a question or get a straight answer from him he would dodge the question. Clearly he was hiding something, but I wasn’t about to upset a retired agent about my parents
The next person on our list was Mary Guyer. I thought that I had heard the name before a  quick Google search later I realized I was right. She was a teacher's aid at our school. She always seemed to move up the grade groups with Harrison and I, but I never thought anything of it. Recently I hadn’t seen her around school, but I am sure that she still worked there. Harrison and I went down to the school the day after we meet with James Markham. The secretary at the school was surprised to see us there during the summer, but thankfully let us into see Mary Guyer. She was on her lunch break, so we got twenty minutes to talk to her. She did the same thing that Mr. Markham did; dodged questions every time we asked one. However unlike Mr. Markham, she was clearly nervous about the confrontation of us and eventually broke down into tears. Reluctantly, she told us that she was paid to watch us at school, and did all throughout elementary. Our parents paid her “many zeros” to make sure no one but our “mother” got us to and from school. She also explained that she was occasionally given a face or a phone number to look out for. It was nice to know that our parents cared about us, but Mary Guyer wasn’t much help to us, or our little investigation. Eventually we gave up knowing that we would have to focus on schools.
After we found out about this, we began to think about what we really wanted to do with our futures. We could go to the academy and be like our parents, or we could find normal jobs and raise normal families. Harrison was reluctant to the idea of going, but after awhile he came around. I graduated two years before Harrison, so I got my college degree, and then he did. Then together we applied to the academy.
Within a day we got accepted  to the academy and were flown to Maine. The first day, we realized that we weren't the only brother sister pair, or the only daughter and son of a past agent. I quickly became friends with a girl Abby. She is apart of a long line of agents, kind of like me.  Harrison didn’t make friends as quickly as I did. Training wasn’t easy at the academy for Harison either. In fact, he spent a lot of time at the library. I wasn’t sure what he was doing, until one day, he left a note saying that I needed to see him in the library. Reluctantly, I went, and as I turned around the corner I saw him smiling like a kid on Christmas. He was surrounded by mounds of papers and files, all of which smelled like moth balls.
“What is all this?” I asked.
“This is all the old files I could find on Mom and Dad, our real parents! There is so many amazing things that they did. You have no idea! Spying on royal families, becoming pretending waiters for rich politicians, pretending to be a clueless tourist couple anywhere.”
He handed me some of the files.
“They were always in a different part of the world doing some amazing things,” he finished with a huge smile.
“Wow, how long have you been working on this? It's amazing, but how do you manage to focus on your studies?” I was shocked, but also confused
“I just get here early and stay late when I can. I have found out so much about Mom and Dad. In fact, that’s why you're here I found out something about them.”
“Okay. What is it?” I was still a little bit confused.
“I think I know why we never saw Mom and Dad again. There last mission was to capture a man named  Jeffrey Dahmer. The newer file on him says that he was never found. He was being questioned for capturing famous celebrities. I think he captured Mom and Dad,”  Harrison finished.  

For the second time in my life, my parents gave me the biggest shock of my life.

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