Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March PPOW

When the sun is up
shining bright,
you know your day is going to be alright.
Mom hollers up the stairs,
“time to get ready,”
but you really don’t care.
Bus will be here in half an hour
just enough time to take a shower.
While mom reads about the Mayflower.
When the bus arrives,
I head out with hives,
because I was near a beehive.
But at the end of the day we all survived.
Fat Cat
I have a fat cat,
and he's a brat.
But that's okay because he lives in a frat.
He eats like a bear,
and there's no room to spare.  
Try to take his food,
he does not like to share.
Fat cat was always playing foursquare,
It wasn’t good for his healthcare.
He lived in a lovely neighborhood,
people all around gave him baked goods.
He met many kids with many different childhoods.
Fat cat lived a good life,
out in the wildlife.
It was the way of life.  
Lazy Teenager
Most teenagers aren’t active,
Which is reactive.
Who wants to be a chubby teenager?
Stubby isn’t attractive,
So let’s get more hyperactive.
More and more teenagers are quitting sports,
But they still wear the running shorts!
Without these teens on the courts,
We don’t have any supporters.
Now these reporter’s
Have to write about airporters.
So out to my teenagers,
Get up and do some laps,
before the pounds kidnaps.

What is Summer?
It could be a bummer.
But hey I know a plumber.
Let’s hire a drummer,
He’s probably a jumper.
In the Summer,
I like to have bonfires,
Which requires
A lot of inspirers.
But we have to be sure there are no wildfires.
So have a good Summer.
Through the ups and downs,
You still have to stand your ground.
You cannot just lie around,
Or you will gain a pound.
Then you won’t be crowned
And live in a campground,
Or maybe even a fairground.
Let’s buy a foxhound,
And move westbound.
That’s your storyline,
for a lifetime,
I hope you had a good time.
I am so done with this rhyme.
Goodbye for a long time.
This is a PPOW
I bet it’ll wow,
But for now,
I’ll be a clown.
Okay maybe cool down.
Because this was just a plot,
To finish my paper
So don’t be a hater.


  1. I very much like your poems. They rhyme very well. I wish my rhymes were as fine as a dime so I could climb and play the wind chimes.

  2. This PPow was alright, It did Rhyme, but I dont think it was worth my time.