Wednesday, March 30, 2016


As she walked along the street the tiny dragon in her pocket stirred restlessly. Having reached her destination she stopped, turned to the door, and knocked. A blond muggle stuck her head out the door and looked up and down the street.
“Hello?” she called into the darkness, “Anyone there?”
The woman in the street took out her wand and made herself visible once again.  
“How’s it going Tulip?”
“Rosie, I thought you weren’t coming till Tuesday,” Tulip stated in shock.
“I got off early. Why don’t you want me here?” Rose teased her sister.  
“Of course! I want you here,” Tulip exclaimed, “Come in Come in,” Rose slipped past her sister into the house.
“I’ll get the guest room ready for you.”
Tulip hurried up the stairs to prepare the guest room. Rose walked into the living room and looked around. The walls were a nice cream color, and there was a big couch and some chairs around a lighted fire place. Rose sat down on the couch and stared into the fire thinking.
“Where's your luggage?” Tulip asked, coming down the stairs and snapping Rose out of her thoughts.
“Oh it’s right here,” Rose pulled her wand and a tiny suitcase out of her pocket. She then proceeded to enlarge the suitcase to it’s original size. As Rose set her suitcase down the dragon in her pocket let out a loud yelp.
“Erebus! I’m so sorry I forgot you were in there,” Rose apologised as she pulled the dragon out of her pocket.
“What is that!” Tulip questioned her sister.
“This is Erebus,” Rose explained. “Don’t worry he’s harmless.”
“Can I touch him?”
“Sure you can hold him if you would like,” So Tulip lifted the baby dragon out of her sister's arms and into her lap.
Erebus yawned, curled up into a ball, and nuzzled Tulips hand.
“He is so adorable!” Tulip squealed as Erebus yawned again. Tulip moved the dragon off her lap and onto the couch. “Come on I’ll show you your room,” she said, grabbing Rose's hand and pulling her off the couch.
“Ok ok,” Rose laughed. “Don’t rip my arm off!” Tulip continued to pull Rose up the stairs and into a room with pale blue walls and a bunk bed in the far corner.
“Sorry your going to have to share with Iris I don’t have enough rooms for everyone,” Tulip explained.
“It’s alright,” Rose smiled at Tulip.
Tulip stayed and helped Rose unpack. Just as Rose was putting her last shirt in the closet the door bell rang. Tulip and Rose both hurried back downstairs to the door. Tulip reached the door first and swung it open.
“Iris!” Rose and Tulip cried at the sametime.
“Well I can see that three years apart can’t destroy your twin senses,” Iris laughed at the two.
“You know it,” they both replied.
“Come on in,” Tulip picked up her sisters trunk and walked back inside the warm house.
“Who else is here?” Iris questioned.
“Just you and Rose,” replied Tulip.
“When is Jasmine coming?”
“She said sometime tomorrow, but you never know with her,” Tulip laughed.
The three sisters wandered into the kitchen, and Rose and Iris sat at the table, while Tulip went over the the fridge.
“What do you guys want?” Tulip asked. “I have some marinated chicken.”
“That sounds good,” Iris agreed.
“Want some help?” Rose questioned as she went over the the fridge without waiting for an answer.
“Sure I would love some,” Tulip smiled at her twin.  
“Where is your skillet?” Iris asked, looking into Tulips cupboards.
“It’s over the stove.”
“Oh,” Iris walked over to the stove, took reached up to take a skillet out of the cabinet over the stove, and grabbed the chicken from Rose.
The sisters talked while they made supper. They were just sitting down to eat when they heard the doorbell ring yet again.
“I’ll get it,” Rose announced. Rose walked to the door and opened it.
“Who are you?” Rose asked as she looked at the man on Tulips doorstep.
“Tulips fiance…” her replied with a confused expression on his face.
“Tulips not engaged,” Rose argued.
“Yes I am,” Tulip had come to the door.
Rose turned to her sister.
“YOU'RE ENGAGED, AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME!” Rose screeched at her twin.
“I was going to.”
“It doesn’t matter,” Rose growled, “I guess I’m not an important part of your life anymore.”
 “Of course you are,” Tulip scoffed.
“Apparently not,” Rose growled. With that she turned and stormed back into the kitchen.
“Come in Alec,” Tulip told her fiance, “I’ll make her come around. Don’t worry about it.” Alec slipped past her and walked into the house.
“Hey,” Alec said as he walked into the kitchen.
Rose just turned and glared at him and Tulip.
“Rooooooooose, I swear I was going to tell you,” Tulip sighed to her sister.

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  1. I really liked how Rose didn't know about Alec! She had a perfect reaction to that situation.