Thursday, March 31, 2016

         Leland Barr
`          3-2-16
        English 7-8
`       March PPow
                             The funnest sport to watch.
        The funnest sport to play.
                If you want to tackle, you need to grapple the player.
                        If you can't hit, you should try baseball.
If you can’t crawl you shouldn't play football.

   Wrestling is the best thing.
 Wrestling to me is a blessing.
Wrestling does not involve whistling.
       When you have meet you need to eat.
    After practice you feel like you want to eat a cactus.
     Wrestling has nothing to do with resting.
       Wrestling is a lifestyle not a sport.


             Come off trees easy as can be.
  Paper cut slices throw a layer of skin.
                 Paper is what makes a great scraper.
Paper is not as big as a skyscraper.
               It's a lot different from sandpaper.
Paper turns into water Vapor.
    And makes like Greater.

      Dogs think of phones like bones.
Making the Phone blowing in the ear.
Phone always need to be in the zone.
Phone dont taste like scones.
   Can't have your phone around Yellowstone.


If you want to ball, you need to get involved.
        Don't be stallin in ballin
                Really ballers and lady killers.
     Baske’t ball player are like racquetball player; they both are slow.
        Ballin is like school it's only fun when you're with your friends.
        Falling is not as fun as balling.
             When you fall it's ok to crawl.
      Try not to fall when you ball.
                           I've drawn a picture of me falling.
    Falling is about as much fun as when the computers are staling.
         Coats keep you warm.
  Coats are there when you need them the most.
         Sometimes it's cold on a boat so get a coat.
    Coats and honey oats remind me of winter.
I'm pretty sure coats don't float but that might be a joke.
        Sometimes coast can be provocated.
        I sit in the classroom writing my notes
       Notes have nothing to do with Votes.
      In my notes have a quote about wild oats.
           One time a goat ate my notes.
       Mr.\ Man tells me to close my notes.
     My notes are closed with my votes.
   I have to go my mom is cooking a goat.

            Trash Cans causes Crashes.
Trash is one of the biggest  Bashs in Garbage.
               Clap When the Trash man is coming down the Road.
                   He pick the trash up as fast as a whip lash.
             Crash Goes the trash falling into the Truck once again.
                 Smash goes the trash never to be seen again.




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