Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Mississippi River

I am going the times we went fishing. It all started when my dad started dating this girl, Jill lived in Fort Dodge. She is nice and can cook. They dated a while before he met her parents. When he did meet them it was for a homemade dinner. He wanted to go by himself this time which I totally understand because my brother and I are kind of crazy; especially my brother.
The next time he went by himself again but this time they went to Lansing, Iowa to her parents trailer home that they have. To get to Lansing It took them six hours just to get there. Lansing is kind of in a bowl of hills. Its really fun to get down there because there is sharp turns and really wavy. My dads girlfriend Jill calls it her NASCAR driving practice.
When they got there it was late so they decided it's too late for fishing. They decided to just go ahead and go to bed for the day and in the morning wake up and hit the lake; So that morning around 6:30 they woke up and hit the lake. There was Jill, My dad, Jill’s sister Jess, Jess's boyfriend josh, Jill's mom which I can't remember her name, And last but definitely not least Roy Jill’s dad.
They all loaded up on a little 75 horsepower fishing boat and took off. First they went Perch fishing which is what they call Pan fishing. WHich is with a bobber and you sit there in the middle of the lake and fish. My dad ended up catching a sheephead which is the ugliest fish ever. It's a warm and slimy fish.
Then they decided to go trolling. Trolling is when the boat goes at a slow but steady pace. Then you cast your line out from the side of the boat. It feels like you have a fish but you really don’t. When you do have a fish you definitely can feel it. At the beginning my dad had a fish on the line and it went to go swim in another direction and my dads pole smacked Jill right in the kisser. After that they didn't really catch anything good while trolling.
By then it was saturday night and they had dinner. Then next morning they headed home. That's when they told my brother and I this story. A couple weeks after that our dad told us to bring our fishing stuff to his house this weekend. We didn't think of he was going to take us to Lansing. Of course we fell asleep on the way there.
When we got there we didn’t know where we were because where they live is like a trailer home park. Then we unpack our stuff and bring it inside. When we got there it was around six or seven so we didn’t go fishing that day. We did get a really good meal, It was grilled chicken breast red potatoes the sliced and cooked ones last but not least we got cheesy potatoes. They aren’t really my favorite, but my dad loves them. He ate them till he got sick.
Then we decided to go to bed and wake up in the morning to go fishing. We woke up and Roy got his coffee we got our breakfast, I had a banana and a granola bar. We then hook the trailer up to the Ford explorer and headed to the boat docks. My dad backs the boat into the water. Roy is in the boat and unloading and then brings it to the dock so we can get on the boat and then go fishing.
We take off and we go perch fishing first. Perch fishing is Pan fishing. It is where you sit on a boat in the middle of the lake. You have to drop your anchor and then cast. You usually have a bobber on and wait for a fish to bite and reel it in.
When we get there we dropped our anchor by a peninsula. We caught some many perch. The great thing is when you go home and cut it up. If you aren't going to eat it right away then your can freeze it and it will last longer.
After catching Perch left and right we decided we should go trolling. We started driving around on the boat to find a good spot. Roy knows these places like the back of his hand. We get to one area of the lake where it isn't deep or wide. There also was a stump almost poking out of the water. It scrapped the boat and it scared the crap out of everyone but Roy he was ticked off because that boat is his life
“Watch out boys we got to get up and go” Roys said with a smile on his face.
My brother was the first one to catch something. He catches a Northern Pike. It was about 10 inches. At the time that was big for us. The reason is because we are used to Bluegill and Crappie.

Then something amazing happened. I had a bite I tell Roy. He stops the boat and i start to reel. The my luck turned my pole broke in half where it comes apart. My dad rushes to grab it he does. I keep reeling and then I seen color. I told Roy and he grabbed the net. He got it in the net. When we got it home we measure and it was 19 inches long. That was and still is the biggest fish I have ever caught.

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