Thursday, May 12, 2016

Poems Mackenzie J.


Everything blooming,
Everything anew.
Spring has sprung,
With a meaning so true.

Spring brings happiness,
a fresh new day,
The smell of morning rain,
The feel of spring in a brand new way.

Bees are buzzing,
Birds full of song,
Bright blue sky,
All  day long.


School is out;
Summer has begun,
No time for rules,
Just having fun.

Hottest of days,
Hottest of nights,
Laying in the grass,
Under the star light.

Summer months are filled,
With family and friends,
I never want,
These months to end.


Leaves start falling,
The temperature turns cool.
Always a sure sign,
It’s back to school.

Halloween’s a holiday,
A favorite of mine.
With ghosts and goblins,
Always a fun time.

Turkey and stuffing,
Followed by pie,
Football and friends,
So happy I could cry.


The snow is falling,
What a beautiful sight,
The trees look like they sparkle,
Oh so bright.

The months are freezing,
Oh so cold,
Grab your hat and mittens,
Or so I’ve been told.

One joyous occasion,
For all to enjoy,
Christmas is the reason,
For smiling girls and boys.

Breakfast is
My morning meal,
Eggs, bacon and toast,
Is the deal.
Sometimes I eat pancakes,
Sometimes it's sausage bake.

Lunch is the meal,
I eat at noon,
Usually while,
I watch cartoons.
Sometimes to shake things up,
I’ll eat breakfast for my lunch.

Snack is my mid-day treat,
Maybe a bowl of cereal,
While resting my feet,
Or sometime it could be an orange or an apple,
To quench my thirst,
I’ll pop open a snapple.

Supper is the meal,
I always eat at night,
Hamburgers and chips,
Are such a delight,
I must always have a dessert,
Chocolatey sweet that looks like dirt.
Sometimes I must,
Have a mid-night snack,
To fight away,
My nightly hunger attacks.

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