Thursday, May 12, 2016

This Wasn't meant to Be

This Wasn’t Meant to Be
My alarm goes off, and I sit up to rub my eyes. The sun was shining through my window and onto my face. I stretch for a bit then got out of bed. I grab my phone and head to the bathroom. I take a glance in the mirror before I turn the shower on. I get in, feeling the hot water run down my back.
Once I was done washing my hair and body, I turned the water off and grabbed a towel from the hook. I dry myself off and get my clothes on.  I take my tooth brush and apply toothpaste to the top of it. I put the toothpaste down and bring the toothbrush towards my teeth, and begin to scrub at my teeth. Suddenly, I hear a loud noise go off. It came from outside. I spit out what was left of the tooth paste and rush down the stairs and out the door.
I glanced around trying to notice something usual, but there was nothing. Everything was as it seemed to be every morning. The sun was shinning, the birds were chirping, and people were getting into cars. I stood there in my yard half ready for school when the bus pulled up. I facepalmed myself and ran back inside, so anyone could hardly glance at me. My face was red, and I wouldn’t have any time to finish getting ready, so I called my friend Elena.
“Hey E, can you give me a ride to school?” I asked into the phone.
“Why are you up so early?” she replied with a slow voice.
“I have a long bus ride, remember?” I asked as I rolled my eyes, knowing she couldn’t see me.
She giggled, “Oh yeah!”
I paused, “So yes?” I asked into the phone as I walked into my bedroom.
“Yes, yes of course! It’ll be fun!” She exclaimed into the phone before hanging up. I tossed my phone onto my bed and and walked over to my desk. I realized I didn’t finish writing my script for my drama class.
“Oh no!” I yelled to myself as I picked up the papers. I took a seat and grabbed a pencil out.
“What’s wrong honey?” My mother asked as she peeked her head inside my doorway.
“I um.. I missed the bus so I will have to call Elena.” I lied as I acted like I was cleaning my desk, which wasn’t much of a lie since I was picking things up and throwing them in drawers. She left without a word. I took a deep breath and began to write down lines for my script. I knew this would only be a rough draft so it didn’t really matter.
A few hours later, I was in school about to enter drama class when I was knocked over by someone. I rubbed my arm before standing up. I glanced over at the person who I had ran into. He was tall and had light brown hair. Almost as if it was blonde. I then looked down at the ground noticing my papers were everywhere.
“Oh no, no, no!” I whined, my script was out of order and it was due right when the bell rang.
“I am so sorry, how can I help?” said the boy who I ran into.
“That’s the problem, you can’t help me I can’t even help myself.” I felt a few tears run down my face. I began to pick up my papers and walk into class. As I took a seat, the bell rang. My stomach began to feel upset as the teacher began collecting our scripts. I sank down slowly into my chair.
“Ms. Crockett, I need your script.” my teacher said to me as I looked down at my desk.
“I am sorry sir, but I can’t hand in my script.” I said truthfully. He shook his head.
“That’s a shame, you are a really good writer and would have been successful. You know what happens when you don’t turn your assignments in don’t you?” he asked as he stared straight at me.
“But sir, I need to take this class. It is very important, and this is the only time I have not turned something in. I promise it will not happen again,” I cried with plead as he took a moment of silence.
“I am sorry, but your spot can be easily taken by a certain someone who is just as good as you are, and that’s we will have to do,” the teacher stated as he walked away. I was shocked to hear those words come out of his mouth. I packed my stuff up and walked out of the classroom. As I walked out, I ran into that boy again.
“Are you following me or something?” I asked as my face turned red.
“No. I am heading to a class where I was denied and re-entered,” he stated.
“So you’re my replacement, great,” I said as she rolled her eyes. I kept walking along the lockers. My parents were going to send me off to boarding school if I failed this class or got kicked out. Once I made my way to my locker, I could feel heat approaching me. Soon, I saw a fire. The sirens were going off, and I had no way out. I panicked, when suddenly parts of the school collapsed around me.
I felt water hit my face. I shot up and looked around. It was only a dream. I still didn’t know where I was at. I got up trying to make out the faces I saw. Who were these people, and why was I here? I walked out of the room and wandered around the house. I tried to talk to the people who were there, but it was like I was invisible. Soon enough, I walked into the what looked like to be the living room and saw people crying and watching the news. The news was reporting a fire at the school I went to and how there were so many who didn’t make it out alive and haven’t been found. That’s when it hit me; I was dead.

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