Thursday, May 12, 2016

Birthday Party Gone Bad

Gavyn Fischer
May 2 2016
English 8-7 May PPOW
Birthday party gone bad
It all started a week before Gaven Fisherman’s birthday. He asked his mom if he could have a birthday party somewhere with his friends. His mother said yes, but he did not know who to invite. He has a lot of friends but he could bring eight friends. He decided to bring Derp Koda Foxy Momma, Magic Mike, Cabub Ratslaugh, Gristian Bad, Looch pap Youngblood Jr, Leroy Jankins, and Etrain Hopner.
A day before his party, he went to school and gave them all the invitations they all accepted because Gaven Fisherman is cool . He planned on getting a whole bunch of snacks for the party. He went to the store with his mom he grab some Reese’s Pieces and some Mountain Dew pitch black. When he got back to his house from the store he was making a plan of what to do He planned on playing PS4 for about an hour then going to play basketball then at night ghost in the graveyard at the cemetery. He also planned on going to ding dong ditch a couple houses.
It was the day of the party, everyone was going to ride the bus with Gaven then go to his house. They got to his house and they played some Call of Duty. They played for about an hour and a half and it was starting to get dark but not dark enough to play ghost in the graveyard. We went down to the basketball court to shoot for a little bit. Gavens team was victorious in the game to twenty-one.
They played until it got dark when it got dark the started the game of ghost in the graveyard. Looch Pap was it first he had to count to twelve o clock. We all separated with two people in a group. Gavens group was with Cabub, Magic Mike and Derp Kota were in a group, Gristian and Looch pap were in a group and Leroy Jankins and Etrain Hopner. Etrain and Leroy Jankins went into the cornfield to hide they were running when out of nowhere something grabbed Leroy Jankins.
Etrain did not go find out what it was he just kept running. Etrain ran all the way to the other side of the town. He decided to stop and take a nap because he was tired. Etrain was not a smart kid he decided to take this break on train tracks and was ran over by the train. Rest in peace Etrain Hopner. We all met back up at the base. We noticed that they were gone they decided to go ding dong ditching without them because they thought Leroy and Etrain ditched them.
The first house they decided to ding dong ditch was about a block away and had a crazy old man living in it. The old man's name was Clifford the Big Red Dog. Gaven had to get the first house of the night. He went up to the door and his friends were way for from the house. He touched the doorbell and ran as he turned around he saw Leroy Jankins. Blood was gushing out of him running  a Gaven kept running and the old man came out with a sawed off shotgun and shot Leroy. Rest in Peace Leroy Jankins.
Gaven ran to his group and was starting to tell his friends about it. Derp Kota Foxy Momma was not interested in the story but saw some headlights coming at them. He decided to check who it was alone. Derp Kota thought it was a girl at first because it had long hair and a face of a girl. But it was actually the crazy old man Clifford the Big Red Dog. He had a actual face off a girl he killed a year before. Rest in Peace Derp Kota.
The man had shot Derp Kota with his sawed off shotgun. They all ran back to his house. He stated looking for his parents but then he saw a note on the fridge that read his parents went to the club. Right after he read the note he noticed there were headlights in his windows. He looked outside and noticed it was the old man again.
They did not know what to do. The man got out of his truck and started walking up the stairs to his house. They thought there best chance at survival was to run out the back door. They did they ran up to main street. Looch pap Youngblood Jr was so fed up with this old man that he needed a drink he ran in the bar and as the went up to the bar he ran into the leader of a big biker gang called Hells Angels.
The man got mad and pushed Looch pap Youngblood Jr. Looch pap Youngblood Jr don't take that from no buddy so he pushed the man in the face so hard that the man broke his jaw and started to cry like a little girl. Looch pap Youngblood Jr demanded the man to give up his spot as the leader to him. The man agreed and Looch pap Youngblood Jr was the new leader of the gang. Except he was not Looch pap Youngblood Jr anymore he decided to change his name to simple Vector Youngblood. He would not be a Jr anymore.
At this time they were running away this whole time. We decided to go in a alley way we did not see him. But then we saw a grocery store Gaven had a lot of money because his birthday. Magic Mike and Ghristian Bad ate a whole bunch and died of diabetes. Gaven and Cabub just sat there and lost brain cells.

Me and Cabub went back to Gaven’s house and went to bed. They woke up they next morning with a lot of questions.  Gaven and Cabub walked outside and the crazy old man was sitting there with his sawed off shotgun. He shot and Cabub jumped in front of Gaven to stop the bullets. Gaven scissor kicked him in the back of the head and killed him.

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