Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lilly May PPOW

Lilly was a good friend and a great person; it is a shame she died. She was basically my sister. We would do everything together. Today we say goodbye, and I can’t wait to see her again. After my speech I walked up to the casket, I looked in and saw Lilly. Her skin was white and her jet black hair was laying loose around her shoulders. She was wearing her favorite dress, it was black and had rhinestones lining the sweetheart neckline that cascade down the back and slowly fade out, she was looked peaceful and I was happy for that. I bowed my head and whispered,
“I will find out who killed you”
The doctors say she killed herself, but I know my friend. She was on her way to our secret paint studio. She would always go there to calm down or to blow off steam. Her parents were always pushing her to do things she didn’t like. She hated doing the sports, she was pretty good, but she didn’t enjoy it. She loved art, and we actually meet during art class. We got paired as partners and then started to hang out more and more. We made the art studio so we could get away from the world. They found Lilly by the alley near the entrance to the studio, she had a gun in her right hand and a bullet in her head. I know that she didn’t kill herself because she was left handed other than in school and sports, but when she paints or sends a text she uses her left hand. They also found a note that said “ Northern Know the way.” It was a quote from her favorite book. It was in her writing and I knew it was for me. She also wrote “ V will know.”
V is the nickname she gave me since my name is Violet. I knew it was for me but I didn’t know what it was. Today makes it five days since her death, and tomorrow they read her will and divide her things. I was walking to the studio when I remembered how she used to challenge me run to the bookstore and read something then go to the studio and paint it. One time I did the challenge and I had to paint something to show childhood never dies. I drew a fairy tale scene that had animals and a bright sun. Lilly loved it, so I gave it to her. I walk into the small room in the abandoned hotel and see the paint and old window. When we first made this place the window was looking over the city, and when we were painting, I did a splatter painting, paint got on the window, so after looking at it we chose to paint the window. It has a light gray fading into a rainbow of colors and right the the sun sets it cast a beautiful light with swirling colors and makes the room come alive with color. We had two chairs, we found and had put them by the window. This was our safe place; this is where we could be ourselves and not worry about people or the world. We would just paint or talk. That night I walked home, and my mom was still at work and my dad was asleep. I went to my room and as soon as I hit the bed, I was out.
I woke up the next morning and got ready. I was walking to the city hall to gather and hear what she left me in the will. When I walked in everyone gave me a sad look. I hated when people do that, it wasn’t your fault she is dead. After the meeting, I gathered my things and what Lilly had left me. She left me a box full of art supplies, all her paintings and all of her books. I had to take five trips for only the art and thank God that Lilly’s mom had a car for the books. When I got home and was going through the books I found “The Northern Path” it was her favorite book of all time, but when I opened the book there were writings on the page. She had written in the margin  and had white out covering some of the words. The closer I looked the more I realized this was her diary. She was comparing her life to this book. The book is about a boy who had died and then was trapped on the earth then fell in love with a girl. The girl tried to get to him, but he wouldn’t let her die because he knew she would be able to leave and he wouldn’t. The book was changed now. Lilly had changed words and used whiteout. I decided to reread the book the way Lilly had changed it. I was reading and learned she had already altered the story. In the original the boy died fighting with his brother, they had both died, but his brother was allowed to leave because the boy started the fight. Now Lilly changed it to make it sound like it was her brother who was the one left. Lilly had a older brother. He use to hang with the wrong people and when Lilly was little she walked into the old shed, and they were all high and doing drugs. She found her brother passed out so she ran to her mom and when her mom saw them she was furious. Jon, Lilly’s brother, didn’t know what was happening, and when he saw Lilly he knew she ratted him out.
He got mad and tried to grab her, but she ran out of the shed and was coming to my house she ran across the road. When she looked back she saw Jon’s friends being loaded into a cop car, and Jon was chasing after her with two cops behind him. He ran across the street, but there was a car coming, and it ran over him. The more I read the story, the more questions I had. She was writing the story like her brother was haunting her and was going to kill her but that can’t happen because he is dead. There are only three ways she could've died. Her brother came back from the dead and killed her for what she did, the doctors are right, or one of his friends killed her to get revenge. None of them made sense though because his friends were in prison for doing who knows what, I know she didn’t commit suicide, and her brother is dead.
Wait, that's it, there is only one person who would know. She is the one who got her brother mad and 
that would know her.

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