Thursday, May 12, 2016

Friends Poem May PPOW


My Friend Seth

I have a friend,

His name is Seth.

He likes this girl named Beth;

Beth is addicted to Meth.

He took a long breath.

Then he was in the play, Macbeth.

My brother Nathan

I have a brother,

His name is Nathan.

He has to dress up for a special occasion.

Nathan really likes bacon.

He went to the gas station.

After he went to the gas station;

He went to a graduation.


I have a good friend,

His name his Evan.

He likes watermelon.

He was in the War of the Spanish Succession.

He was having an amazing jam secession.

He had a lot of aggression.

He likes eating lemons.

  He didn’t go to school with any weapons.


I have another friend,

            His name is Joel.

                        Joel likes to steal jewels.

                                    He is very noble.

                                                He is secretly a poet.

                                                            He likes Roses.
                                                                        He loves to drink Coca-Cola.

                                                                                    Joel is a bit of a showoff.


I have another friend,

            His name his Brady.

                        He is very brainy.

                                    He really likes gravy.

                                                He is a crybaby.

                                                            He doesn’t like it when it’s rainy.

                                                                        He drives a Mercedes.

                                                                                    Brady likes daisies.

                                                                                                He tries to get all the ladies.


I have a good friend,

            His name is Jarret.

                        He has a pet ferret.

                                    He likes to eat carrots.


I have another friend,

            His name is Nick.

                        He heard a very loud click.

                                    He was very sick.

                                                He like to kick.

                                                            He likes to pick.

                                                                        He has a tick.

                                                                                    He has a friend named Rick.

I have a cousin,

            His name is Tyson.

                        He went to go get his license.

                                    He went in the drive in.

                                                He likes the Titans.

                                                            He has been slicen’.

                                                                        He likes the horizon.

                                                                                    He went to Verizon.


I have friend,

            Her name is Emma.

                        She has a friend named Jemma.

                                    Emma has a big dilemma.


I have a friend,

            His name is Clayton.

                        He wants to go to Creighton.

                                    He be hatin’

                                                Clayton is taken.


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