Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mexican Gangs

Leland Barr
English 8-3
Mexican Gangs
I know what you're thinking oh there's a Mexican with a bandana on oh he’s in a gang well, most, uh ok your essay right but there is more to it than that. There's Cartels,mongols and my favorite the Solo Angels. This one kid went from the being nobody to being one of the most dangerous mexican in america. It was a nice sunny day in Southern Texas. Roberto got up and went to school. At his school there were two types of people Ropeys and Mexicans. But roberto didn't ever really fit in.
It was 9th period the last period of the day Roberto was very tired and wanted to be done luckily it was friday. The bell rang and he was walking home by himself when he heard a gunshot then started speed walking home. A man walked out of a building really fast almost the same pastes as Roberto.
“Hey Kid you wanna make some money.” The Man said
“Uh..yeah i guess” he said worried that the man would hurt him if he dicac reid.
“Take this bag and This Paper that has the address and the reason why you're there now run kid run”.
Roberto dashed worried that the man was going to snap and kill him or something.
He ran as fast as he could and reached his house to calm down and read the note. 4 pound full of cocaine. Oh no he thought what did i get into. He Was hungry but couldn't eat anything. He got on his bike and went half a mile to a factory. Right when he got to the factory the guns just amend right at him they probably thought He was a cop. But then lowerd the guns realizing he was only about 14.
The Mexican looking man Pushed him to the front door with the help of his Ak.
“Who is this boy, new recruit?”
Roberto explained to him why he was there and the man paid him. He got two thousand dollars just for walking. He could help his mom with rent he thought maybe i'll say that i worked for all of this He gave the money to his sick mother and so she could pay rent she was very grateful.
Roberto took a shower and went to bed and he had a dream about what he did except he made more money. He went to the warehouse after school and went to the man that he first met in the beginning. The guy told him to be loyal and make a distraction for us Roberto agreed.
“I want you to start a fight”. The man made clear that he was not messing around.
“On 49th and maple”. He continued.
The man wanted him to , make a distraction so the cops would be distracted and stop the fight will they rob a Dollar General. Roberto went to 49th but everyone there was with her family. He finally found a kid that looked like a punk and ran into him. The Kid threw a punch witch roberto dodged. Roberto threw the kid on the ground and Beat him so bad that someone called the police which is good because as Roberto was pushing he Saw the drug dealers get into the store.
He got back to the factory and The drug dealer paid him the money which he later gave to his mom. He Felt kinda bad for the boy but he did throw the first punch. After a while of making distractions, Roberto started delivering because no cop had every expected a nerd looking Mexican like Roberto to be selling drugs. He eventually bought a new Condo for his mom. His mom was getting kind of suspicious and checked his bag once before he went to school.  
He came Home to his mom and she asked how he been making his much money. He Explained how he was working as a deliverer for a gang. She started crying, He didn't understand she has all his money. She kicked him out of his one house, but he  kick her out she was sick. Roberto was furious that he had to walk out of his own house.
It was getting dark and he was Getting more scared, of his rival gang the Amigos. He heard a car's loud screech of tires. He turns around and three shots ring out.  

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