Thursday, May 12, 2016


“YOU'RE ENGAGED, AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME!” Rose screeched at her twin.
“I was going to.”
“It doesn’t matter,” Rose growled, “I guess I’m not an important part of your life anymore.”
 “Of course you are,” Tulip scoffed.
“Apparently not,” Rose growled. With that she turned and stormed back into the kitchen.
“Come in Alec,” Tulip told her fiance, “I’ll make her come around. Don’t worry about
it.” Alec slipped past her and walked into the house.
“Hey,” Alec said as he walked into the kitchen.
Rose just turned and glared at him and Tulip.
“Rooooooooose, I swear I was going to tell you,” Tulip sighed to her sister.
“Sure you were,”
“Come on Rose,”
Rose turned to her sister and huffed out a “Fine.”
“Are we going to eat or not?” Iris asked butting into their conversation.
“Ya ya,” Tulip waved her sister off.
They once again sat at the table, but this time with Alec on Tulip’s right side.
“So,” Rose started looking at Alec. “How old are you?”
“You always did like older men,” Rose teased Tulip, referring to the fact that Tulip was only nineteen.
“Tulip turned and glared at her sister. “Two years Rose, two years.” Rose just smiled at her.
“On that note,” Iris paused. “What do you do for a living?”
“I work for the ministry.”
“Look at you Tulip, you got yourself a wizard!” Rose squealed.
“What branch do you work in?”
“Care of magical creatures.”
“Sounds fun, I’m training to be an auar.”
“What wizarding school did you do to?” Alec asked Rose.
“Hogwarts. What about you?”
“I went to Hogwarts as well.”
“Wow I can’t believe I don’t know you. What house were you in?”
“I was a Gryffindor.”
“I remember you now,” Alec grinned, as Tulip got up to put their plates in the sink. “You were on the quidditch team.”
“Ya, I was a chaser.”
“Come on guys let's go into the living room,” Tulip suggested, so they all got up and filed into the living room.
After talking late into the night the four went upstairs to bed.
Around seven in the morning the door rang; waking up the sleeping sisters.
Rose turned to Iris. “Who is it?”
“How am I supposed to know?” snapped Iris. She had never been a morning person.
“Well let’s go see,” Rose rolled out of bed and walked out the door without waiting for her sister.
“Jasmine,” Rose squealed running to her sister whom had just walked into the house.
“Hi Rose,” Jasmine laughed and hugged her sister. She than followed Tulip into the living room, but she stopped short when she saw Alec sitting on the couch.
“Who’s he?” She asked.
“That’s Alec,” Tulip explained.
“He’s Tulip’s fiance,” Rose cut in.
Jasmine turned to Tulip excitement seeping onto her face.
“You’re engaged! I’m so excited! I get to be a bridesmaid!” she screeched. Then she paused and looked Tulip in the eye.
“I do get to be a bridesmaid,” she paused. “Don’t I?”
“Of course you are,” Tulip scoffed, and Jasmine smiled at her.
“When are you getting married?” Jasmine asked her.
“Well that’s really why I wanted you guys to come,” Tulip paused “We’re getting married in a month.
“A month,” Rose echoed in shock.
“You could have told us sooner,” Jasmine turned to glare at her youngest sister.
“Well I was going to, but I didn’t know how you were going to react.” Tulip tried to explain herself.
“Let’s go sit in the living room,” Iris suggested.
After settling down, Tulips sisters once again turned to her.
“Are we going to be bridesmaids?” asked Iris
“Of course you are,” Tulip scoffed.
“Ooh! When are we going dress shopping?” Iris asked.
“I don’t know any time I guess.” Tulip answered.
“Where is it at?” Rose questioned.
“Grafway Park,”
“Sorry girls, but I have to go to work,” Alec excused himself and exited the house.
After discussing wedding details and having lunch the sisters decided to go dress shopping.  
“Do you want a separate dress for Rose because she’s the maid of honor or do you want it to be the same?” Jasmine questioned her sister as they looked through racks of dresses.
“I think I want it to be the same,” Tulip turned to Rose. “How’s that sound?”
“Perfect!” Rose grinned at her.
“How about blue?” Iris asked holding up a long navy dress.
“I was thinking shorter, and maybe a tangerine.”
“Ok,” Iris replied as she put the dress back on the rack.
Finally, after three hours of shopping, they found a dress that everyone loved and went back to 


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