Thursday, May 12, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

Here comes Memorial Day weekend, this is a very exciting weekend for me. The reason it is important to me is because my family and a friend get to go camping. We usually go to Anita, or Prairie Rose. It is very fun and very relaxing. I am going to tell you my plans for this year's camping trip.
This year I am deciding to take Chicken Lips, he is pretty fun. We have a big camper, it has three bedrooms, one for each of us. When we get there we get settled in.After we get settled in we go fishing for a little bit, by fishing I mean screwing around with the fish. When we actually caught one I took my knife and we played fruit ninja until I cut it’s head off. After that we headed back to the camper. It was almost evening by the time we got back. “It’s about time you guys got back, where have you guys been?” Asked my dad. “We were fishing, just fishing.” Says Ethan in a guilty tone with fish guts all over his hands. After all that awkwardness we sat down and ate.
It’s hitting around seven, my dad and mom go for a walk and said we could start a fire, so we did obviously, with a few jugs of gasoline. We lit the fire and the flame got a little out of hand. It went and started the grass on fire, for some reason my parents left the dogs, so Chloe and Zoey were feeling a little toasty. By the time my parents got back we had gotten the fire under control and it looked like nothing happened. Except for the burnt grass around the fire.
Later that night we decided to go for a walk, a long walk perhaps, a walk to a party we heard about when we were playing fruit ninja with a fish. Leland was the one who really wanted to go. I wanted to go to, but I would be the one getting in trouble not him, so you kinda see where I am coming from. When we arrive at the party, we were getting looked at like Donald Trump in Mexico. One guy stood up, he walked over to us like he owned the place, which wasn’t true. He gave us a dirty look, and then he pulled out his knife. Just so happened Chicken Lips and I remembered to bring our weapons, I had a butterfly knife and Leland had a switchblade. We were ready to fight.
We stand there, and this kid starts to charge us. I run at him and Chicken Lips follows right behind. We met and I got him good, but when I took my knife out I went back to hard and got Chicken Lips right in the spleen. Then Jackson comes out of nowhere, he was naked for some reason, but he had fireworks. He shot the people down with his bottle rockets, and then he realised his snakes. They were all dead, including Chicken Lips.
Jackson and I sat there in sadness, but we also felt like we were successful. We rushed Leland to the hospital not knowing it was too late. The doctor said he might have survived, but after he was stabbed he was shot 10 times with a firework. I looked right at Action Jackson, he was laughing. I asked him what happened, he said nothing. They gave the body to us. We were suppose to dispose of him.
We went to the graveyard, and we dug a hole. I was carrying him, Jackson was digging the hole. No one was there, I know Chicken Lips would be disappointed. So we threw a party. We invited everyone, and it was a good time. We decided to throw Leland on a chair and put some shades on him. Everyone would go and pat him on the shoulder, everyone thought he was just being shy, but that wasn’t the case. This one guy named Jacob Roush, everyone called him Roushey. Went over and dabbed by Leroy, he didn’t respond so he flicked his sunglasses off. He didn’t respond to that so he checked his pulse, there was nothing.
When everyone realized what was going on people started to cry, Jackson and I grabbed the body and we were gone. We got on the moped and we were out. When we got to my camper we buried the body and put a stone on it. We both said at the same time, “That just happened”.

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