Thursday, May 12, 2016


Autumn Dea
March 10, 2016
English 8-6

Dying Soulmates

Here I am again,
Sitting next to the hospital bed,
of the one I loved the most.
Waiting to see if she wakes up,
from the deep trance that I put her into.
Tears rolling down my face.
This is what I felt.
I almost killed my one and only love.
A little snicker,
That’s what I heard.
I teary smile,
That’s what was on her face.
“I love You Alex,”
Is what came from from her soft lips.
A smile,
A tear,
A broken heart.
I wish that I could take back what I said and did.
She looked so sad.
“I love you too.”
A tear ran down my cheek.
Her body went limp before me.
I knew what I witnessed.
The love of my life died before me,
All because of a stupid conversation.
But, at least I knew that she still loved me.

A Hanging Doll

A girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders, hangs on to happiness by a thread.
A boy sinks deeper and deeper into the sea of depression.
Somehow they find each other.
The thread snaps,
The boy starts to float.
The boy finds happiness in her eyes,
But the girl has plummeted six feet into darkness.
He tries to save her, but slowly starts sinking once again as more threads attach on to her.
Another person comes into both of their lives.
This person pushed the girl out of the boy's life.
The girl falls into the same sea the boy was.
She started taking on things to get rid of the pain.
She pushed everything she knew away.
The boy was happy, happy with her.
She was the outcast of the school district.
A loner, wearing dark clothing and long sleeves.
Then, rumors came around that a  new boy came to school.
He was just like her.
After days of summing up the courage, she finally talked to him.
She shyly said.
That was a spark of a new friendship
Before the girl knew it,
The new boy was pulling the girl out of the murky waters.
This friendship saved the girl's life.
She fell in love with him,
The friendship became a relationship.
It sparked her back to life,
But when the boy was away, she began to sink again.
The boy left for a year.
In this year,
The girl sank to the lowest trenches of the dark sea.
She was abandoned by everyone she knew and loved.
And even he left.
She couldn’t live without him.
She was all alone in the world.
She couldn’t sleep at night, couldn’t eat,
She couldn’t function.
One night,
She couldn’t take the pain anymore.
She was ready to end it all then,
The boy walked through the door.
He ran to her and stopped her from succeeding.
“Do not ever do that again.”
He said then hugged her.

                Love you
        Always         No
 Will                Matter
I What

              Hit              Sea
You      Of
      Before        Depression.

Wonderland (The Escape From Reality)

Walking through twirling trees,
Colors bleeding into seas.
I know who I am.
People walking side ways,
I know I have my days.
But I know where I am.
Don’t you leave me to die.
As I lay here and cry.
All alone in the dark,
Holding onto my heart
After you smashed it!
The only place I can be me.
Without someone stabbing me.
Wonder, Wonder, Wonderland
The escape from reality.
Crying tears of blood,
Watching the oncoming flood,
Waiting for it to drown me,
Into sorrow,
Will I be the same tomorrow?
After escaping the day away.
Music drifting into the night,
As I watch your body lie,
In front of me,
Oh how real can this be?
All the pain is just a part of life they say,
But! I can’t take it anymore!
I just wanna, I just wanna
Escape into...
The only place I can be me.
Without someone stabbing me.
Wonder, Wonder, Wonderland
The escape from reality.
Did you think you could get this far,
After you tore my heart apart?
Well, you don’t know the secret,
The one I have been hiding all these years.
It is…
Ha! I’ll never tell you!
The only place where we can be us.
Without someone stabbing us.
Wonder, Wonder, Wonderland
The escape from our reality.


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